Pet First Aid Kit
Pet First Aid Kit
It is always best to be prepared for emergencies and this applies to your pet's health as well as to your own. A good suggestion is to have a Pet First Aid Kit handy located near your own First Aid Kit. We've put together a suggestion for what your kit should contain with our Pet First Aid Kit Checklist:
  • A card with your veterinarian's phone number and the location of the closest emergency pet hospital and the poison hotline (you can find information for both all of these at
  • A roll of gauze to cover wounds. Gauze can also be used to wrap around the muzzle or beak of a wounded animal to keep them from biting.
  • Non-stick gauze pads for wounds
  • Towels for clean-up, covering the animal while moving or to keep warm.
  • Adhesive tape for bandages
  • 3% hydrogen peroxide for cleaning wounds
  • Eyedropper for giving medicine orally (a syringe without the needle works well too)
  • Saline solution to flush out debris in the eyes
  • A couple of pairs of disposable rubber gloves
  • Tweezers
  • Soap
  • Some extra food and treats
  • Leash or rope
  • Pet CPR reference from
You should call your veterinarian as soon as you can to get advice on what to do in the emergency your pet is going through. If you suspect that your pet has been poisoned, let your veterinarian know, or call the poison hotline immediately. You will be given instructions on how to proceed in the quickest way to help your pet. Remember, it is important not to panic. If you suspect poison, time is critical so telephone someone right away. has many resources available for maintaining the health of your pet in their resource library,

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