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Celebrate: Giving thanks to those who share our lives

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010
Happy Thanksgiving from VetLocator

Happy Thanksgiving from VetLocator.com

This morning I got up a few minutes later than normal and walked slowly downstairs to be greeted by 3 sets of anxious eyes and dancing paws.


I’ll bet you’ve had similar scenes in your house too.

And as I began the morning ritual of gathering up the food bowls and preparing the morning special pet food mix, the dancing and love flinging in my direction intensified to a fever pitch.

It’s nice to be adored 🙂

I know my pets give thanks each and every time I feed them, and for each moment I take time from my busy schedule to spend just with them, and for sharing my life with me.  And you know what?  I feel exactly the same about them.  I give thanks to them each day, for giving me such pleasure in their company, and such love.  They remind me to be real because that is what they understand most.  I thank them for that.

And I have much more beyond sharing my life with my pets.  I give thanks to the wonderful veterinarians that fill the directories we share with you.  I’ve learned from these dedicated folks that being a veterinarian takes a special kind of person, someone who starts out with a love and need to help animals and matches it with a desire to heal.  To generalize a bit, as a group, these are some of the nicest, most caring folks I’ve ever met, and I’m thankful for them.

I give thanks for being part of a great team at VetLocator.com. It’s a pleasure to work here.

And I give thanks to you as well.  And I know your pets do too.

In our Daily Paws newsletter, I mentioned the video I created showcasing our Thanksgiving Pet Pictures.  I created it using Animoto, a super simple online system that has a basic free account you can use to create videos from your photos or video clips and your favorite music.  Animoto will also host your video on their site and will even upload your video to a YouTube or Smugmug account if you have one.

I uploaded the video to my personal YouTube account and then watched both videos side by side to see which service was better. I decided I liked the one hosted on Animoto the best because there is no bar at the bottom so it is actually a bigger image. Very nice.

Below you can see the video I created and at the bottom of the video is the logo which links to Animoto so you can make your very own videos if you want to.


Animoto - The End of Slideshows

Happy Thanksgiving!

Linda - VetLocator.com

Add our cool VetLocator.com search widget to your site or blog

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

We’ve had a VetLocator.com search widget that you can add to your blog, website or individual post for awhile and its been very popular.

Thank you for everyone who has downloaded it and used it. We appreciate it and know visitors to your site who need to find a vet appreciate it too.

Recently we update the look of the widget and if you have our widget, take a look at it now. It should be displaying our new look…. something like this (this is the emergency widget – and there are several others)

We love our new mascot. Isn’t she cute????