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Tell Us About Your Veterinarian!

Monday, September 30th, 2013

We want to know about your pet's vetVetLocator has thousands of veterinarians and pet health specialists in our directories and monthly we have thousands of pet owners visiting our site looking for that special someone to help their pet.

So we want to ask you, do you have a special ‘someone’ in your life who helps keep your pets feeling tip top healthy?  If you’ve found the perfect vet, just what is it that makes him or her perfect? If you’re still seeking that special someone, just what exactly is it you’re looking for?

As our pets become more family members than mere animals that share our homes, the choice for caring for their health becomes more important and its not now just about where the closest vet is located.

So we’re asking you, if you’ve found the perfect vet, just what is it that makes him or her perfect? And if you’re still seeking that special someone, just what exactly is it you’re looking for?

What’s important? Is it where they went to school? Is it a friendly staff, reasonable rates? Is it how quickly you can make an appointment or how long you spend in the waiting room? Is it bedside manner, how much empathy, or compassion a vet exudes? Is it how clearly that vet can communicate? Whether they honor your pet insurance? Is it how the vet connects with you, how the vet connects with your dog, or both?

We want to know what is (or was) the single most important factor in your choice of veterinarian, and how you found the one (if you have) that you can’t imagine ever leaving.

How to Find a Good Veterinarian For Your Dog’s Protection

Saturday, December 1st, 2012
Champi Dog Veterinarian Advice

While many people simply choose the veterinary clinic closest to their homes, the quality of the service they receive can vary greatly between veterinarians. Even if the location isn’t ideal, finding an excellent veterinarian is just as important to the health and comfort of your protection dog as finding a good doctor would be to you. It goes without saying that your veterinarian should be fully licensed. However, there are a number of other factors that make the difference between a comfortable, efficient and productive visit, versus a difficult and time-consuming experience.

Your first step should be to gather information on surrounding clinics. Word of mouth is not always reliable, but asking around the neighborhood is a good starting point. Introduce yourself to other dog owners in the area to see if they have any recommendations. Doing research on-line is also a good way to gather information and read client testimonials. Not every opinion on-line will be accurate or trustworthy, but large numbers of negative reviews may help you steer clear of a poorly run clinic.

Once you have assembled a list of potential clinics in the area, you should call each one. It is good to ask questions regarding the facility and services provided. Ask if the veterinarian is on-call for emergencies, or if the clinic has an ultrasound machine. If these services are not provided, it does necessarily mean that it is a poor clinic. However, you will need to know the location of the nearest animal hospital that can provide these services in the event of an emergency. While most veterinarians practice on a wide variety of animals, it is beneficial to try to find a veterinarian who is especially experienced in dealing with dogs, or better yet, working breeds such as the German Shepherd or Belgian Malinois. Just as a professional athlete would look for a specialist in joint and muscle stress, you will want to look for a veterinarian who has experience dealing with the stresses that are put on the joints and muscles of working dogs.

Finally, you should narrow your choices down to only a couple of clinics. Make appointments for a first-time visit, and take not of the experience. Watch for cleanliness in the facility, the veterinarian’s ability to communicate problems clearly, whether or not the experience is rushed, and professional service at reception. During the examination, try asking the veterinarian to explain some of what they are doing. A good veterinarian should answer your questions clearly and professionally.

If you don’t know where it came from…………don’t give it to your pet!!

Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

The horror of the China melamine pet food tragedy a few years ago is all too fresh in many folks memories.  For those of you who aren’t quite clear on the details, ‘protein’ imported from China and used as an ingredient in locally manufactured pet food contained melamine rather than protein – a substitution that ultimatley cost many pet’s their lives or their health, and cost their owners so much more, including expensive veterinary bills, damanged or dead pets and questions that were finally answered after way too many pets had died.

Pet products from China have been behind other pet health problems, especially jerky treats.  Recently the Food and Drug Administration issued an update to its ongoing investigation of animal illnesses linked to jerky pet treats.  To date the FDA has a reported 22,200 pet illnesses related to these treats, many resulting in kidney disease in dogs.

So how to keep your pet safe from becoming a victim?

  • Know where the treat originates from.  Eliminate imported jerky treats.  Better safe than very sorry!!
  • If you cannot find US produced treats your pet will eat make your own.
  • Always keep an eye on your pet for any unusual signs that could signal a problem:  loss of appetite, listlesness, vomiting, diarrhea, unusually thirsty, etc.  You know your pet and you know what is unusual. 
  • If you feel something is not right, stop the treats and get your pet to the vet.  You can take a stool and urine sample to help the vet determine what is going on.
  • It is better to be safe and better to visit the vet than wait to see what happens when your pet is ill.


Choosing the Best Veterinarian for your Pet

Friday, June 8th, 2012

We learn which your loved ones pet is a piece of the family. You like to make sure they have the greatest of everything, the number one house, the number one food, the greatest toys, as well as the right potential healthcare. We know which choosing the right vet is a daunting task. We like to make sure there is:




We may assure we which all certified veterinarians have a lot of experience treating family dogs. Not only have they gone by years of schooling plus hands about training when generating their doctorate, they were equally necessary to invest many hours interning with additional veterinarians. If you are selecting a veterinarian for a pet, you should make sure the veterinarian knows a breed of dogs breed traits. Should you have an exotic pet, like a snake or lizard, make certain the veterinarian has a functioning knowledge of the varieties.


The most crucial thing to consider whenever selecting a veterinarian for the pet is to take into account a veterinarian a pet loves. Most pet owners understand how difficult it’s to receive the pet to relax for their shots plus checkups whenever they are scared of the vet. It is significant to keep in mind which not all dogs respond to a individual inside the same means, animals plus folks have chemistry.

Prepare for Emergencies

When you’re selecting a veterinarian for your loved ones pet always have a contingency program inside spot for emergencies. None of us likes to consider regarding the family pet getting hurt or sick inside the center of the evening yet it may arise. Be sure we understand the quantity of the closest animal hospital.


One of the aspects that many individuals employ to obtain a veterinarian is place. Your pet veterinarian ought to be situated someplace to receive the pet for them instantly when there is an emergency. Twenty miles is the difference between existence plus death should you pet is sick or injured.

It is not unusual to obtain which more then 1 veterinarian functions at a veterinarian clinic plus pet hospital. Having more then 1 veterinarian may create it difficult to establish a individual relationship with a veterinarian. On the different hand, having many veterinarians obtainable in 1 place signifies which you’ll have a simpler time scheduling an appointment for a pet plus more vets can place their heads together when the pet develops a complicated disease.


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Choosing the right vet and forming a partnership for life – your pet’s life

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

We all have problems.  The economy, who to vote for in the upcoming election, whether it’s going to rain and should you take an umbrella with you when you go out.

Problems.  Yeah.  They’re a part of life and we all have them.

Most people who have pets also have some sort of pet problems.  For us its the cats we have.  They are finicky.  One of them was the runt of the litter and she arrived with some serious immune and digestive issues.  Whenever I look at her it is with anxious eyes.  Is she thinner?  What’s she doing as far as twitching and licking.  Those are the tell-tale signs of a systemic problem that may need my attention very soon.

But for all that, she’s wonderful. She’s loving.  She’s a mean hunter that keeps the pests and rodents away from her home.  She’s ours and we are very glad she and her brother are sharing our offices.

I’ve gotten to know her veterinarian very well and I adore him.

Finding him, however, was not an easy task.  You’d think that in the business we have it would be easy to find a vet.  We know hundreds, and in our local area we have dozens to choose from within a 5 minute drive of our front door.   I almost feel like the Hairclub for men man when I say “Not only do we own VetLocator, but we use it too (as a reminder – and for those of you not familiar – the Hairclub for men man said “not only am I the owner but I’m a customer too” as he dramatically shows his partially bald head.

In my case I interviewed 3 or 4 veterinarians, went to one, then to another and then to a third vet.  Each was OK but I did not feel what I wanted to feel.  I didn’t feel a partnership with the vet or the office or something.

So I kept looking.

And my looking paid off.

I found a wonderful veterinarian that treated our little girl and changed her condition and symptoms so they were under control.  Finally.  I found a veterinarian who is great and his office and staff are equally wonderful.  He’s a keeper and we’ve formed a good partnership on keeping Kewpie healthy.

Today our cats are mostly very healthy and it is rare I need to contact our veterinarian.  Besides regular checkups I can control things pretty well from home.

But if I ever need something, have a question or an emergency I know my partner is there and the problems I am facing at the moment will be addressed and we’ll handle it together.

As I said, we all have problems.  Finding the right vet and forming a pet health partnership for your pets gives you one less problem to try and solve.

And that makes things just a little, or a lot, better.

Isn’t that a nice thing?

If you are looking for a pet health partner, do what I did.  Use our directory to locate the nearest ones to where you are, then interview them and the staff and office too, to find the one that is the best fit for you and your pets.  It is so worth the effort.

And if you need help, you can always contact our customer care.  We’re here for you too.


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