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4 Natural Remedies For Pets That Promote Health & Healing

Wednesday, December 25th, 2013

Natural remedies for pets can increase your pet’s vitality, energy, immunity and ability to heal. This is important if your dog or cat is healthy, but even more essential if your pet is ill or has a serious medical condition such cancer. In this article, you’ll learn about four safe, effective holistic medicines that can help your pet stay healthy or get back on the road to health.

Pet Natural Remedies

As a researcher who makes pet owners aware of the natural treatments available, I’ve found four important herbs that promote immunity, cleanse the liver and the lymph and restore (or maintain) high energy levels overall. These herbs and a brief description of their health benefits appear below.

Withania Somnifera – elevates energy, promote vitality and increases hemoglobin levels which helps the body heal itself.
Viscum Album – builds strength and immunity. Lowers blood pressure if it is too high and increases it, if too low.
Sylibum Marianus – promotes healthy liver function by detoxifying this important organ. Contains helpful flavenoids.
Echinacea – known for building the immune system. Cleans out the lymph system (particularly important if your pet has an autoimmune disorder or cancer.)

Rather than giving these herbs separately, it is better to find a company that has made them into a tonic-a formulation with standardized ingredients that insures that each dose contains the proper amounts of ingredients in the right percentages and relation to each other, so they will work synergistically to create health and support strong immunity. The best natural remedies for pets contain a combination of the four important ingredients above.

Since all pet natural remedies are not created equal, look look for a company that offers an iron-clad money-back guarantee. This a strong indication that the company has done their due diligence and stands behind their product because they know it works. If you don’t have the time to research different remedies, take the advice of someone who researches the area of pet health and wellness for a living.

In addition to giving daily natural remedies for pets, make sure your furry friend gets plenty of attention, healthy food (without additives or preservatives) and lots of water. These simple steps are ways to show your animal how much you care while doing your best to help your pet enjoy a long and happy life.

Laura Ramirez is a dedicated researcher of products that help restore health and vitality to pets and people and keep their immune system strong for prevention. To learn more about her findings, go to http://www.pet-health-supplements.com.

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