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Poodle Eating Ritual

Wednesday, August 6th, 2014

Louie the poodle demands to prepare his  own supper because only he knows the ratio of the wet and dry food that he prefers. He will decline to consume if any other person mixes his food.

Daily Paws Picture of the Day: Just some Tortoises Skateboarding!

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014

Daily Paws for Ashburn Virginia

tortoises skateboarding.

Pet Training Videos Can be Worth The Cost

Friday, August 10th, 2012

by KaffeineKid

Because pet training is often thought of as being difficult and time-consuming to anyone who is new, many beginners will have a tendency to lose their focus when it comes to their pet training efforts. This happens quite often as there are all sorts of things to that must be considered, such as your hand movements when you train your pet, how loud your voice should be, whether or not to use a rough voice, trying not to get frustrated, how many treats to feed, which collars to use, what type of leashes to buy, and a ton of other tools just to get the job done. However, one tool that is often overlooked could easily be worth its weight in gold to the beginning pet trainer. The tool I speak of is the use of video.

There are two main ways that you can use video as a training tool for your pets. The first option is to buy videos of professional trainers working with dogs. This allows you to see and hear the exact steps that are being taken to train the dogs. Better videos will show you the entire training sessions. Do not settle for one that shows you a dog being all aggressive then cuts to another scene a week later where the dog is calm. You cannot verify what happened during that week.

In many cases, you should see some, if not noticeable results within 15-20 minutes of training depending on the lesson and dog. Better training videos will also show a variety of dogs being trained, and will show them in real-life situations. After all, what good is training your pet if the training does not work during your normal lifestyle?

The second method you can use video for is tracking your pet’s successes or failures. If you own a video camera, which many people do these days, consider video taping your sessions. This will also let you know if you are performing the training techniques as you should as well. There is no better way to scrutinize your methods than to watch yourself in a replay.

Keeping a video log of your pet’s training will make it easier for you to refer to training sessions at a later date, keep a record of progress, and maintain documentation of any mistakes. By using video as a training source you can learn how to train your pet better, faster, and more effectively.


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Pet Training Pads: Making a Good Thing Better

Monday, August 6th, 2012

If you’ve ever experienced the ordeal of house training your dog, pet training pads have to be part of your training tools. These are absorbent pads that are chemically treated to entice puppies and dogs to use them instead of peeing on the floor. They are an excellent alternative to using newspaper because they absorb the liquid, and the waterproof backs on the pads protect your floor from unwanted moisture and odor. They are even treated to entice your dog to use them.

Pet Training Pads Get Even Better

Believe it or not, there are ways to improve on this innovative dog house training tool. For those who are a little squeamish about the idea of adding to a landfill by tossing the training pad every time their dog urinates, there are washable reusable pet training pads. These are much like the pads used in hospitals or sold at medical supply stores for patients suffering from incontinence. They are made from layers of absorbent cloth with a water resistant back, so these pee pads are just as effective as their disposable counterparts.

The difference is that these pads can be washed and used again and again In fact; they are designed to continue to work effectively for up to 300 washings. Purchase a few of these in the appropriate size for your dog, and rotate them so that you always have one or two clean. In fact, you can even purchase pads that have attractive designs, like paw prints or plaids, or you may choose to purchase solid colors. This is a nice feature since pee pads will become a part of your general decor during your dog house training time.

Play it Safe with a Pee Pad Holder

Pee pads are great at keeping the wetness of the floor, but sometimes your puppy gets too close to the edge, and the moisture may leak off or get trapped beneath the pad. A pee pad holder will stop this from occurring. This is a flat pan that comes in a variety of sizes to go with whatever pet training pads you buy. You secure the pad to the pan and around the outside lip of the holder. If your puppy gets too close to the edge, the urine will flow back into the pan, and there is no risk of the wetness getting caught between the floor and the fabric.

Choose the Right Pet Training Pads for Your Dog

A pee pad holder comes in different sizes because the pads come in different sizes. Obviously, a mastiff puppy will need a larger pad than a Chihuahua will, so there are small, medium, large, and extra-large pads. Be sure to choose the pad that is right for your dog, and you will have a better chance for success. It is because of these intuitive enhancements and options that these pads are such useful tools. You and your dog will experience far less stress as you go through this training period with the help of these innovative pee pads.

Pet Training Two dogs at the Same Time

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012


If you have been trying to train multiple pets at the same time, please make sure that you are not doing it in the wrong manner. I am not talking about the training methods for each command, but the training method for each pet.

Pet training, while not hard by itself, can become quite frustrating to an owner who has multiple pets. Dogs are creatures of habit, and they will tend to do those habits which they consider to be beneficial to them. In the case of a multiple dog household, these dogs will tend to play with each other.

When you have more then one pet, you simply cannot train them together properly when you are A)alone or B) working with them both at the same exact time.

With some commands, such as sit, they may both sit, but they are not being given one person’s full attention. If you must train your pets at the same time, then try to get a training partner that can manage one pet while you work with the other.

In the event you cannot get a partner, then leave one pet in the house or crate them. But be prepared for some possible whining. Two pets that spend all day together might feel some separation anxiety. Get over it, this will pass, and you’re not hurting them. You may even decide to go to a location further away so that your pet cannot hear the whining. You want to cut down on as many distractions as you possibly can. When you have your pet alone, you can work with your pet’s full attention.

Make sure that you spend time with each pet for their own specific training regimen. Let them play as a reward for a training session well done.

By all means play with both your pet at the same time if you want. But you will need to take your pets out by themselves and dedicate time for individual training sessions. You will notice that your pets get better much faster, and with less aggravation. As they get progressively better you will be able to work them at the same time.


Beating the Back-To-School Blues with Your Pets

Sunday, July 15th, 2012

Back-to-school time usually means changes in the household routine. Kids going back to school, parents working, and sometimes this change means your pet, used to be surrounded by family, is left home alone for long stretches of time.

Some pets are unfazed by this change, but often pets become anxious at being left.

For example, if you own a dog that is a herding breed, the change may be particularly difficult. These breeds tend to think of the children as their “flock” to take care of, and when the flock is missing they can be left feeling lost or bored when they are alone.

You need to be alert for signs of distress once your kids go back to school.  Some of these signs in dogs include separation anxiety, destructive behavior, inactivity, depression, and even stress-induced diarrhea.

It is not always just dogs.  Cats can also become depressed by the change too.  Some signs to be alert to in cats include sleeping more than usual, changes in their vocalization, and having accidents outside the cat box and spraying.

There are some things you can do to get your pet ready for the upcoming routine change to help them avoid back to school blues:

  • Increase physical activity–a laser light for your cat to chase and a long walk for your dog may give them a natural “feel good” endorphin release.
  • Maintain your pet’s normal routine as much as possible. Try to avoid changing the times that it is “let out” and meal times.
  • Leave a worn t-shirt or article of clothing out for your pet to smell.
  • Explore options for doggy day-care centers in your area.
  • Reduce separation anxiety by providing positive association with your absence.  Buy a new toy your pet can play with while you are gone.  Toys designed to challenge your pet will occupy his or her time. You can find specifically designed toys at major retailers such as those that require “working” for a treat. For dogs, we suggest stuffing a rubber toy called the KONG with food to provide stimulation.

On the final note, the best strategy in beating the back-to-school blues with your pets is to avoid an abrupt change in schedule, and in the weeks before school gradually introduce your pet to short periods of separation.

Cat Training – Can You Do It In 10 Minutes?

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012
cat training

cat training (Photo credit: thera T)

 Cat training in 10 minutes is it possible! I am very sceptical about myself. Because, although the relationship between cat and owner would be enhanced when the cat is trained, cats still have that independent streak. Therefore, to get the best out of cat training it is best begun when a cat is still a kitten. This will allow the cat training to ideally strengthen the bond between pet and owner during training sessions from the outset of ownership.

Training a cat can be a fun and an exciting way to interact with your pet and teach it the right things to do. You must ensure that cat training is not too rigorous, and it should be a fun and exciting interaction process which will help turn your cat into a well-behaved pet that is loved by all the family, friends and other animals.

Cat training is a bit more unique, but it can be possible. It is well worth training your cat because it will do good for the health and safety of both cat and owner.

Although cats are not noted for their obedience, they can be trained with a little bribery. Therefore, you must set up a training routine that sets your cat up to succeed. I believe there is no standard procedure to follow for cat training but there are a few cardinal rules in doing so. The most important is that before you start to train your cat, it is advisable that a bond be established with the cat.

Cats, just like us humans, use body language to communicate and broadcast information about their feelings and moods, desires, likes and dislikes. Cats value and look forward to attention and affection that can be gained from training. So give them the affection they deserve and your attempts at training they will be made a lot easier.

Training your cat is a fantastic way to enrich your cat’s life: It builds a strong rapport between you and your cat because training underlines your authority (your cat has to do what you want to get what she wants), it helps to curb dominant behavior.

Cats are often underestimated when it comes to the training process, simply because the average owner has very little need to attempt any sort of training at all. Training your cat will keep your cat’s mind active and stimulated because anxious and highly-strung cats are reassured and soothed by the repetition and routine of training.

Training your cat for proper toilet and litter box manners and patterns require a good amount of time and patience. Although cats are wonderful pets but cleaning their litter box can be a real drag. Because in general, cats are very shy when they want to go to the toilet, they will often only do it in their litter box if it is placed in a quiet, secluded area, and away members of the family and other animals.

One of many reasons to ensure that your cat is properly trained is because of this type of situation. Okay, let’s say you want to have friends over to visit, but you can’t, why not, because you’re embarrassed your house smells like a cat pee, your rugs and curtains have rips and tears from your kitty’s “romps through the jungle,” and your acrobatic feline is likely to vault onto the kitchen table and nibble on your dinner when you’re not looking. That type of situation makes it paramount that you ensure that your cat is properly trained. Why, because many feline behavior problems, especially in cats kept indoors, are caused by boredom.

Personally, I would just love to see my gorgeous and perfectly behave around the house so that I can alleviate this type of scenario.

Any cat owner who opts for cat training must keep their expectations realistic to avoid working under false pretenses while going through the training sessions.

The great part is that we have just scratched the surface of what you’ll uncover about training your cat. You need to have patience, praise and helpful cat training techniques; it is possible to keep your cat from engaging inappropriate behavior. Ideally, training your cat will strengthen the human-feline relationship.

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Pet Services from The Pet Nanny

Monday, June 18th, 2012

by KaffeineKid

Pet care services are a growing industry. Many pet care services are more apparent plus essential than others, because because stores providing pet care supplies, plus veterinarians plus alternative experts which take care of the pet’s continued wellness. All pet care services are individually crafted based found on the demands of the dogs plus house whilst you’re away.


Care plans are custom designed to we plus a pet(s) requirements. Care is offered for lengthy or brief expression. There are more pet care services to benefit from exploring, nevertheless, including pet boarding, pet grooming, pet training plus many different services which benefit both we plus a pet simultaneously. All of these pet care services are effortless to take benefit of, plus actually come inside handy with regards to ensuring a pet is correctly taken care of always.


Services offered include; dog strolling, home sitting, pet babysitter, pet care, dog care, cat care, little animal care, pet taxi and more. Should you wish To provide the pet the greatest potential existence, take benefit of pet care services inside a location.


Whether it’s a single or numerous “pop into check visit”, or perhaps a longer remain you may discuss which because required. Substantial savings is available whenever multiple service is needed as well as for several pet homes.

Professional Pet Care

Whether a pet requires attention when you’re at the job throughout your day or in the event you are traveling for company reasons or pleasure the pet care services are certain to place the notice comfortable with regards to the dogs. We pride ourselves on being pro, knowledgeable, plus courteous inside addition to just providing the greatest inside standard pet care to the clients. Ensure we do the homework to confirm we receive the pro care we plus the dogs need. The Pet Nanny’s Pet Care services are accessible to we 7 days per week, 365 days a year.

An Introduction To Pet Training With Positive Reinforcement

Monday, June 11th, 2012

by KaffeineKid

There are numerous factors to start a training regime with the pet. You will like to stop an animal’s bad behavior like clawing or chewing the furniture. We will wish to keep him below control inside social scenarios. Or you might like to teach him to do tips about control. In any case, the animal can benefit both within the mental exercise needed plus within the time plus attention we provide him. The many pleasing shape of pet training utilizes positive reinforcement.

Training with positive reinforcement involves worthwhile dogs whenever they do the appropriate action, instead of punishing them for doing anything incorrect. Rewards are usually inside the shape of tiny food treats combined with praise. When animals figure out how to associate certain actions with positive consequences, they become eager to repeat them.

You’ve possibly absolutely trained a pet from positive reinforcement without realizing it. If a dog or cat scratches at the door plus we open it, they learn how to associate the behavior of scratching with all the reward of going outside. You reinforce the behavior each time we allow them out whenever they scratch.

Before beginning a formal training session, you will want to determine the precise action we wish a pet to do plus think of the control or cue word that will initiate the action. Single syllable cue words including ‘come’ or ‘stay’ are simplest for the animal to know as well as for we to keep in mind.

When the pet works the desired action inside reaction to the control, instantly reward him with verbal praise, fast followed with a treat. Consistency plus speed are vitally significant. Should you are struggling to teach a dog to answer to the term ‘sit’, plus we wait till he is standing again before rewarding him, he won’t learn that action to associate with all the positive reaction.

To teach an animal to receive off the bed or couch, selected a easy control like ‘off’. If you discover the pet sitting found on the furniture, receive a food treat plus conceal it inside the hand. Stand over the animal, loudly plus clearly state ‘off’ plus gently drive her to the floor. Immediately praise her plus hold the treat to her mouth. Do this each time we catch her sitting where she’s not enabled. Eventually, she may jump off the furniture inside reaction to the control, without the accompanying drive.

Once an animal has learned to do the necessary action inside reaction to the cue word, slowly stop providing the treat reward, however, continue to allow her learn you’re satisfied. Dogs reply perfectly to verbal praise plus bodily affection including a scratch found on the ear. After training, this might be commonly all of the reward they need. Some pets plus birds furthermore crave their owner’s affection plus is taught to do about control without a food reward.

Pet training demands perseverance found on the element of both the instructor as well as the pupil. There is wise days plus bad days. Do not continue with a training session when a pet looks tired or distracted. Never resort to scolding or punishment for bad performance. This usually result the animal to associate the cue word with damaging consequences. Training ought to be a satisfying experience which both we plus a pet is keen to repeat.

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Utilize a Pet Training Device To Teach The Pet Skills

Friday, May 11th, 2012

by KaffeineKid

The PET-AGREE pet training device is a pretty worthwhile device for pet owners to train their loved pets or dogs. This pet training device is beneficial inside imposing right pet discipline, assisting the pet breaks away from any bad habit plus inside introducing brand-new commands plus abilities.

Kennel providers, animal control officers, pet owners, veterinarians plus groomers all agree of the befitting advantages PET-AGREE has. Many significant is that this pet training device is especially secure, humane, quiet plus efficient to utilize. It truly is one ideal way for training dogs. PET-AGREE is an innovative pet training device serving the cause of being the humane alternative to choker stores, bodily force, rolled papers, electrical mats, plus shock collars, to clearly highlight commands you need to impart to the pet. It is a hand held pet training device chosen to support any pet conditioning plus training.

With a single click of the PET-AGREE pet training device, a caring, quiet yet significant frequency sound is emitted, because the sound assists inside stressing out verbal commands of coaches plus pet owners. Clearly audible to animals like pets plus dogs, however folks cannot hear the sound. The employ of PET-AGREE reduces training time of pets plus dogs, because months is shortened to merely a some weeks, as well as for few instances, even in minutes.

A PET-AGREE pet training device catches the attention of animals the same way the human voice does. Its obvious ultrasonic sound keeps a dogs attention, assuring the latter gets the control. Like for illustration, point the PET-AGREE pet training device towards the pet cat or dog like you’re offering a verbal control, plus then press found on the switch for a next or 2. After that, a pet usually answer into it. A repetitive employ of the pet training device inside these way can improve any training effort.

The PET-AGREE pet training device serves many utilizes like training, behavior modification plus security. It keeps away stray dogs or unleashed dogs from coming close plus saving a individual from unwelcome attack of untamed dogs. But, with just a PET-AGREE about hand, result are not because great except induced with alternative powerful training techniques, equipments plus behavior.

It is significant to note which positive reinforcement techniques are important whenever training with all the utilize of PET-AGREE pet training device. Best results is obtained when the device is correctly pointed towards the pet trained. Responses can not be expected to be synonymous. There are dogs which respond with it rapidly plus understand conveniently compared to additional animals, when it happens to be moreover all-natural for other people to require longer. As the pet owner plus trainer, we simply need to be repetitive plus consistent. Because the PET-AGREE pet training device depends only about excellent frequency sound, consequently, never anticipate deaf dogs to understand by it.

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