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The Less Adoptables

Thursday, September 15th, 2011
An American Pit Bull Terrier.

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I read today that this week, September 17-25, 2011, has been designated Adopt A Less Adoptable Pet week by PetFinder.com.  I read this tonight, after returning from an errand where I visited a home I’d not been to before.  I didn’t know the woman who lived there, and when she opened the door this smallish woman had next to her a great big pit bull mix.

If you aren’t familiar with my views on dangerous dogs, I’m wary of certain breeds that have a higher percentage of dangerous dogs that other breeds, this coming after an un-neutered male German Shepard bit my daughter in the face and went on to bit at least 5 more victims before the owners moved out of town to save the dog from being put down.

Needless to say, Pit bulls are squarely in that same category and this was a great BIG pit mix with the strong and muscular body of the breed.  He looked menacing.

I put on my human making friends with the dog demeanor and greeted the big beast.  The woman introduced her dog as Punky so I said “Hi Punky!  I’m Linda – great to meet you!”  Punky shyly looked at me for a moment and then dashed off to get his squeeky toy to show me.

I was instantly charmed.

Punky turned out to be a wonderful host, a show off and the gentlest and nicest dog.  He was protection for this single woman and he was also her great friend.  It was a nice relationship.

As I walked back to my car I thought about how preconceptions can color your views on a dog or a person. You start out either liking or disliking them before knowing anything about them.

Punky, being a Pit Bull, is a good example.  Before getting to know him if I saw him in a shelter, I’d pass him by because he was a pit bull.  Now that I know him, I’d take him home with me in a minute, he is that charming.  Shelters often have a large number of pit bulls that are not adopted because of the breed.  You want to know my advice on finding the right pet for adoption?  Talk to the workers/care givers who get to know each animal in their care.  They can give you great insight into the personalities the dogs and cats that are there, and suggest the perfect dog or cat for you.

So – this is adopt a less adoptable week and I applaud Pet Finders for creating this week.  If you have room in your home and room in your heart for a pet, try and adopt one of the less adoptables to give a forever home to.