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Top 5 Reasons Pet Sitters Are Better Than Boarding

Friday, July 6th, 2012

by PetsitUSA Pet Sitter Directory

You can be found on the fence regarding hiring a pet babysitter or boarding the pet for the upcoming trip. And whilst there can be advantages and disadvantages to every of those four we, here are 5 factors, which pet sitters inside Frisco can provide we over any boarding facility!

1. Personalized, one-on-one care: How numerous boarding facilities or kennels may tell we which the pet may have at smallest 25 minutes of one-on-one care, attention plus love at smallest 3 instances a day? Probably not each numerous! With Frisco pet sitters, which is all the pet might obtain. One-on-one attention enables the pet babysitter to keep a close eye about the pet every day thus which when the pet could receive sick, be depressed or really not act right, a pet babysitter may recognize instantly.

2. Leave with a pet at house, return with a pet at home: Why worry regarding drop off plus choose up occasions whenever you’re planning a holiday? We ought to be capable of leave when you’re prepared plus not need to worry regarding what time the boarding center or kennel enables you to leave or come house. Pet sitters function about the schedule plus an hour, so they are accessible whenever we want them, not the alternative means about. And what’s much better than strolling inside the door following a lengthy holiday plus being greeted with tons of kisses plus hugs from an animal?

3. Life at the house is less stressful: We all recognize, which coming house from function, slouching inside a favorite seat, kicking up a foot plus viewing the favorite show is regarded as the number-one points to do whenever you’ve had a stressful day. Your pet feels the same technique regarding his apartment. Being capable of remain with his favorite toys, his favorite sofa, all his familiar sounds, smells plus sight is what keeps a pet strain free, happy plus healthy. Not to mention he’s not being exposed to illnesses plus diseases, which lurk at kennels plus boarding facilities!

4. Being inside a cage is not any vacation: Boarding facilities plus kennels will call the cages any, they like – suites, room, beds – however, the truth is a pet is within a cage about concrete or tile floors, which are cold plus difficult. This really is not the Hilton…or even the motel. Allowing the pet to remain at the house with his favorite Frisco pet babysitter inside the greatest holiday we may provide him…other than the beach.

5. Emergency trips: Many boarding facilities plus kennels need bookings at the smallest 1 week ahead of time. But what in the event you have an emergency company trip? Or an emergency with your loved ones inside another state or another town plus we can’t create it home inside time? What in the event, you break down about the method house from a film, plus we only learn a dog is crossing his legs? Chances are; a pet babysitter inside Frisco will be about hand to come to a, plus pets, rescue because shortly because potential.

Sure, there are boarding facilities plus kennels, which are good plus several dogs love to go to. However, for the alternative dogs which might somewhat remain at the house plus have 5 star treatment, Frisco pet sitting is what they ordered!

Choose the greatest Frisco pet sitters [http://www.concierge4critters.com/dog-walking-frisco-pet-sitting.html] for a dogs. For more info see you online! [http://www.concierge4critters.com/]

Petiquette & pet safety tips for the 4th of July

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

Today is going to be a great evening of bar-b-ques, fireworks and get-togethers.

We hope you and your friends and family have a wonderful time, but want to remind you to make sure your pets are safely tucked away before all the noise begins. 

In the event that you and your pets are able to accept holiday invites together too we thought we’d share some petiquette tips you might find handy.

1.  The very first thing you’ll want to do is to make sure it’s ok with your host that you bring your pet with you.
2.  Next make sure he/she has a collar with an ID and that the ID has correct information on it.  These days it’s an excellent idea to use a cell number rather than a home phone number since your cell phone is usually with you and you can be reached quickly in an emergency.
3.  Put your vet’s phone number and an emergency vet hospital number into your cell phone to have it handy in the event you need it.
4.  Try to find out who’ll be at the party in case you need to make plan changes (for example people with babies, small kids or other pets can change things, including whether you should bring your pet with you).
5.  Bring along pet essentials like food and water bowls, a leash, handy wipes and cleaning stuff and pet waste bags.
6.  I like to bring some special treats with me.  Folks like to feed my dog, so I give them some of his healthy treats to make sure he’s not getting junk.
7.  Pets can make a mess sometimes so I keep a couple of baggies handy for the expected and unexpected messes and also have a lint roller in my pet kit because my dog has been known to shed.
8.  It’s not a bad idea to have a crate handy so your pet can be safely secure if things get crazy.
9.  If you notice your pet becoming tired or agitated, secure him in a closed room or his crate if you aren’t able to take him home.
10.  Don’t let pets wander around cooking food. Not only can it be a problem for the cook, but your pet might accidentally eat something that’s not good for him.
11.  Always be aware of where your pet is during any event.  Pets can become nervous and bolt in unfamiliar surroundings.  Also, like children, there are times when they’ve had enough and it’s time to go home.

Now for some personal peeves I’ve experienced attending events where certain pets should not be.  I’m titling this short list ****If your dog has any of the following problems, please leave him/her at home.

1.  Incessantly barks at other people, dogs, birds, cats, etc.  A barking dog that won’t quiet is distracting and the owners that won’t remove the dog are just plain rude.
2.  An aggressive animal.  If you know your dog – or cat – is aggressive, LEAVE THEM AT HOME.  Period.
3.  Your pet is ill or has not been feeling well.  Besides the obvious point of an ill pet might be a contagious pet, outings can be stressful and can make your pet’s health worse.  Leave an ill pet at home with a sitter and not in a kennel.
4.  The event will have people who are fearful or allergic to pets – See #1 above.
5.  Your pet is having a bad day – everyone does and our pets are no exception.  If you see that your pet is having a bad day, give him/her a break and let them stay home.

If you decide to leave your pet at home while you attend a party or other event, consider the best options for him while you’re gone.

  • If he’s not used to being home alone, you should leave for short periods of time to prepare him/her to being by themselves.
  • If you’ll be gone for any length of time you may want to consider keeping your pet at a kennel.  This is a good option for social animals that don’t stress about being away from home.
  • Additionally, for animals that are going to a kennel and may not be used to small spaces, consider getting a crate ahead of time to prepare the pet.
  • Arrange play dates for pets who might not be used to having other animals around. Send along an item that smells like home for a pet’s stay at the kennel.
  • Kennel spots should be reserved early for the holidays. If you’ve not used a particular kennel before, check into their safety measures, such as video surveillance, fire alarms and sprinkler systems.
  • Make sure your pets are up-to-date on their vaccines, and find out if any others are required for their kennel stay as most kennels will request proof before allowing your pet to stay.

Pet sitters are a good option for animals that do better at home or if you have several pets that you’ll be leaving.  If you decide to hire a pet sitter, here are a few tips:

  • Ask for references, find out what services the sitter provides and do your standard due diligence before hiring.
  • Prepare an emergency card with all of the information the sitter might need including Vet, Emergency Vet, your contact info and a close neighbors contact info, medications your pet needs along with their dosages.
  • Don’t wait till the last minute to introduce your pet to the sitter. Pet sitters should meet the pet ahead of time and be introduced to see if there are any personality issues between pet and sitter.
  • Then, while you are away, make sure to check in with the sitter during a time you know he/she will be there and let your pet hear your voice.

And with all this advice, here is one more for you.

Have a wonderful holiday and a great week that is shared with family, pets and great friends!



Secrets to Finding the Best Pet Sitter

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

by PetsitUSA Pet Sitter Directory

What is pet sitting?

Many times a pet owner might have to travel due to business or for other reasons and during such a time it is not always possible to take your pet with you.  Even if you are able to take your pet along, you may not want to as your pet is going to be uncomfortable in an unfamiliar place.  Pets, especially dogs, prefer to have a familiar environment where they can be happier and safe.  When you change the place of residence for your pets, you can be sure they will not like it as much.  This is why it is best to leave your pet to a pet sitter.  While there are other options for you regarding leaving your pet, it is always better to leave your pet in the care of a pet sitter.

Here are some of the advantages of hiring a pet sitter:

1. With a pet sitter, your pet is not stressed because it is cared for in its comfortable surroundings.  Since there are no changes in the daily routine of your pet, you can be sure that your pet is happy.

2. There is a distinct disadvantage of leaving your pet in a pet boarding house or kennel.  For example, when it comes to dogs, if you leave your dog in a kennel, it may not get along with dogs of different breeds or other bigger or smaller dogs.  This could surely be the cause of fights or injuries.  However, a pet sitter is going to come to your house and look after your pet, which means no worries for you.

3. Another disadvantage of leaving your pet with a common pet boarding house is that you will be exposing your pet to potential infections or diseases, which are going to be affecting its health.

With a pet sitter, you do not have to worry about this.

When you think about all of this, you will find pet sitting to be your best option for your pet.

Doggy Door — Priceless!

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

Could you imagine coming home from work, to find this tiny creature napping on your couch with your dog?

Fawn followed this beagle home, right through the doggy door. This happened in Maryland recently. The owner came home to find the visitor had made himself right at home…  This hit the 6 o’clock news big time.

Isn’t this adorable?
Send this to all your friends especially the animal lovers and give them a big smile.

Should We Hire a Pet Sitter?

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

by PetsitUSA Pet Sitter Directory

Do we have a pet? Can we take care of it, day inside plus day out? For numerous pet owners this really is an impossibility. They need to leave their dogs for function or for other cause. But dogs can’t take care of themselves. Many pet owners take their dogs to a kennel. However this can be extremely stressful for a pet. Many dogs don’t like traveling inside a automobile daily. Or they are hit by separation uneasiness. Other pet owners hire a pet babysitter.

Pet sitters take care of the pet whenever the owner is away. They feed the pet. They make sure water is clean. They make sure the pet has exercise. Pet sitters won’t topic a pet from separation uneasiness or the strain of travel. These are typically, inside certain techniques, greater for the pet. However where are you able to discover 1?

The biggest condition is acquiring a pet babysitter to trust. Try acquiring a reliable 1 by a neighbors, family or coworkers. Referrals from trusted persons are useful considering they possibly understand the character of the babysitter which they refer. Check for sitters inside the area newspaper, community centers plus different places which cater to the location. The Internet will additionally be useful tool for the ability to look for anything.

A right pet babysitter is insured. This really is significant considering it shields we plus it equally shields them. Great sitters is prepared with references to allay the fears. Call their customers inside purchase to test their trustworthiness. Ensure which the pet babysitter has a history of wise honest function. You is trusting them with all the care of the beloved pet.

A advantageous babysitter can answer your issues with ease. Interview them completely. Ask issues which will help we choose their value. Ask their reaction inside an emergency. Be ready to provide a query which proposes a superior challenge. Remember to incorporate cases which are furthermore completely usual plus mundane, like what when they lost control of the pet?

Pet sitters are usually ready to satisfy the pet owner inside purchase to consult plus take every others measure. Ensure to mention the pet’s specific issues however a superior pet babysitter might bring it up initially. It is superior for him to satisfy the pet then plus see when they click. By all signifies allow them take a walk with every alternative. It’s truly the only method to sense when they may suit.

If you’re happy with the babysitter, make for him a list of emergency numbers which he could contact. The function plus mobile numbers could top which list. It might additionally be wise when he knew the numbers for a vet, the closest pet hospital, plus poison control.

Jonathan Russell is an artist plus blogger which has been composing articles about different subjects for the last 2 years. There are him contributing articles at http://www.guinea-pig-hutch.com , a site focused on taking care of guinea pigs plus their homes, the guinea pig hutch.
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Hiring a Pet Sitter: Choosing the Best Care Giver For The Pet

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

by Therese Kopiwoda

The upcoming time we disappear, whether it’s for company or fun, we may like to consider hiring a pet babysitter to come into the house to care for the dogs. Employing the services of the pro pet babysitter allows the pet to remain comfortable inside his own house, provides we peace of notice understanding he’s secure plus inside capable hands, plus frees we from needing to depend about neighbors or relatives. Before we hand over the keys plus wave goodbye to Rover plus Fluffy though, take time to educate oneself regarding pet sitters as well as the services they offer. Interview a limited pet sitters, reach understand them a bit, plus ask concerns. Find out regarding their experience, how frequently they’ll see the dogs, how extended visits last, what they’ll do when with the dogs, how they’ll handle emergencies, plus fees. Additionally to general information on their services, you’ll like to cover a some crucial points, because indexed under.

· Insurance and/or bonding: This won’t avoid injuries from happening yet it might safeguard we as well as the pet babysitter to a certain extent could a mishap happen. Many sole proprietors are insured, plus many services which employ pet sitters are bonded plus insured. It’s a wise decision to ask for proof of insurance.

· Pet emergency provisions: If a pet becomes ill whenever you’re away, it’ll be significant for the pet babysitter to learn what measures to take should you can not be reached. He or she must have a vet’s contact info, as well as the kind of treatment and/or amounts we authorize should you can not be approached.

· Pet sitter emergency procedures: Ask what measures is taken when a pet sitter becomes ill plus is unable to care for the dogs, when he or she is unable to reach the house due to inclement weather, or inside the event of the all-natural catastrophe.

· Key security: Ask how the key is diagnosed plus stored. Keys ought not to be connected to anything with a name or address about it, plus whenever not used, ideally they ought to be kept secure inside a secured secure or different secure enclosure. Most pet sitting companies may additionally provide to keep a key for future pet sitting assignments.

· Contracts plus different forms: Be certain which the pet babysitter delivers we with a created contract describing these aspects because dates, occasions, services agreed on, emergency procedures, key safety, rates, etc.

· References: Ask for names plus contact info for a some customers. Take time to speak to they plus ask regarding their experiences plus whether they’d hire that pet sitter again. Many pet sitters are moreover happy to provide references from different pet care experts including veterinarians, groomers, or coaches.

· Pet issues: Inform the potential pet babysitter of any health issues, behavioral issues, or additional significant factors regarding a dogs. Giving the pet sitter because much info as possible regarding a pet can help her to provide the greatest care potential.

· Home issues: As with pet issues, make sure to inform the pet babysitter of any oddities regarding a house which might happen inside a absence (bathroom which overflows, doorways which don’t lock correctly, safety sensors, etc.).

Because pet sitting is a individual service, we plus a pet have to be comfortable with all the individual we ask into the house. Look for a sense of professionalism with a individual touch, make sure to consider a gut feeling, plus observe the pet’s response to the pet babysitter we interview. With a little of planning plus research, a pet can remain securely inside his own house when you’re away, plus is there to eagerly greet we with love plus affection whenever we return.

To find a pet babysitter, dog walker, or dog daycare inside a location, or to understand much more about the services they offer, go to http://www.petsitusa.com.

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