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Most Dangerous Pet Dangers of Easter

easter-pet-dangersToday is Palm Sunday and many people are getting ready to celebrate the Easter festivities.

However, even though Easter is actually a time of celebration of rebirth for some Christians, their pets might not be ready to be resurrected if they have consumed one in all the five most dangerous pet dangers of Easter.

Easter Lilies

Although the Easter Lilly is one among the most common plants used to celebrate the arrival of Easter, it is the foremost lethal of plants to cats. Even merely ingesting a few of its leaves can lead to grave, acute renal and kidney failure which might result in your cat’s untimely death.

However, it is not simply the Easter Lilly that’s harmful to cats – all plant members of the Lilly family are potentially lethal.

As a friendly reminder stay those darned Easter lilies OUT OF YOUR HOUSE! There are dangerous and benign lilies out there, and it’s important to understand the distinction. Peace, Peruvian, and Calla lilies contain oxalate crystals that cause minor signs, such as tissue irritation to the mouth, tongue, pharynx, and esophagus – this ends up in minor drooling.

Locate a vet or call an emergency vet hotline.

Foil or Plastic Easter Grass

Easter grass is the second most commonly found dangerous part of Easter to pets, especially cats. This is as a result of the brightly colored foil makes an extraordinarily enticing cat toy.

Similar to tinsel used during Christmas time, this plastic and foil grass will cause intestinal distress in cats that needs immediate veterinary care.

Because it is hard to monitor, opt instead to use paper grass, or better yet, cat grass.

Chocolate Bunnies

It’s not Easter without those yummy chocolate bunnies! Just watch out that young children don’t inadvertently feed one to your cat or dog. Make sure that none of these chocolate bunnies, or different chocolate treats, are out of the reach of inquisitive pet noses. Chocolate will be extremely lethal to both dogs and cats and can conjointly require immediate veterinary attention.

Easter Eggs

Brightly colored laborious-boiled eggs will be a child’s delight and their pets too. However, day previous eggs that have not been properly handled or refrigerated will spoil on the inside, creating them lethal to pets.

When hiding these Easter eggs around your house or yard, be positive to stay count of them and build certain that they are all found. Another smart tip is to remind youngsters to throw away the eggs in the garbage after they are done eating them.

Baby Animals

Whilst it may appear tempting, getting a baby chick, baby bunny, or a baby duckling, may not be such a nice idea. Most of those baby animals can carry Salmonella which will then be passed on to your children and alternative pets.

If you actually do want to buy one of those baby animals for your child as a present, it is best if you wait till when Easter and then take your child to go to your local animal shelter or humane society. Here you will most undoubtedly realize a giant selection of baby bunnies, baby ducklings and baby chicks that are abandoned over the Easter weekend.

The best part is that not only can you teach your child about the importance of Easter, however you would conjointly have taught them the worth of pet adoption which is that the ultimate example of Easter rebirth.

House Guests

Since Easter is time best spent with family, take a few further precautions to confirm the security and comfort of your pets when guests come to go to. Create positive your pets have their own room or house in that they will get back when they become overwhelmed. Remind any visiting children to not feed Easter eggs or chocolates to your pets.

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