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Who works harder, you or your pet?

Labor Day is just around the corner and today, while I was out on a hiking I was thinking about how to enjoy the long weekend and celebrate a working-petday off from laboring.

As I continued up a steep trail, my dog tugged at the leash, anxious to get to the top.  She lives for these hikes and I know she feels it’s part of her job to make sure I get out and exercise.  If I beg off for any reason, late hours at the office, funky weather or, more often, I just don’t feel like it, I get pestered for the rest of the night.

Like most dogs, our dogs have jobs and look forward to working.  It’s a treat for them to be able to work and do their jobs and they do them with pride.  And if I ever suggested they take a day off, I know both of them would be confused and unhappy.

Think about what jobs your pets naturally have taken on when they joined you.  If you are like many pet owners, those chores often include:

  • Protecting you and the family
  • Being a companion for hiking and trips
  • Waking you up
  • Keeping ‘kids’ in line
  • Cheering you up when you feel down
  • Showering you with love and affection (not a job or a chore, I know)

For them, working and being allowed to work IS their holiday.

So, as you make your plans for the long holiday weekend coming up, I hope you will do as I plan to do and let your pets go to work with you for that day.  Trust me, they’ll be very happy to not have the day off.


Stay safe and Healthy,

PS – Who works harder, you or your pet?

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