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Here are my Reasons to be Thankful, what are yours?

Anyone who has ever shared their life with a pet understands how special their unconditional love is. Pets give us so many reasons to be thankful for them that it takes no real effort for any pet owner I speak to to list at least a dozen reasons they are thankful for their pets. reasons-to-be-thankful

For me, the constancy of love and devotion that I receive day in and day out from our office cats always brings a smile to my face.  I count on the morning routine just as much as they do when I arrive to feed them, and if I am traveling or if someone else takes over my morning feeding duties, all of us miss “the way things are supposed to be”. Have you noticed that the daily routine is part of what creates the relationship with your pets? It is very important that you remember to get it right, and for that I am thankful, since my hectic life is often far from routine.

I am thankful as well that I am able to notice and realize that our pets assumed their own “Take care of my owner” attitude when they joined us, and I acknowledge them each time they wear their hats in doing this.  Getting us up out of our desk chairs is one way they do it – (sitting in front of computers too long without a break is a notorious health wrecker).  As you can imagine, getting us up can be challenging for a cat, but smart kitties that they are, they have a list of tactics that they utilize to achieve their results – and my favorite is ‘mad dash kitty’ where our tuxedo races madly through the office until we get up to chase her.  Honestly I am healthier as a result of mad dashing after the cat.

As you can see, I have a list of more than a dozen reasons to be thankful, and if I took time to think of them, the list would run into the hundreds.

Which begs my question to you…what are yours?

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and keep front of mind during this special day all of those things you are thankful for.


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