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Cat Training – Can You Do It In 10 Minutes?

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012
cat training

cat training (Photo credit: thera T)

 Cat training in 10 minutes is it possible! I am very sceptical about myself. Because, although the relationship between cat and owner would be enhanced when the cat is trained, cats still have that independent streak. Therefore, to get the best out of cat training it is best begun when a cat is still a kitten. This will allow the cat training to ideally strengthen the bond between pet and owner during training sessions from the outset of ownership.

Training a cat can be a fun and an exciting way to interact with your pet and teach it the right things to do. You must ensure that cat training is not too rigorous, and it should be a fun and exciting interaction process which will help turn your cat into a well-behaved pet that is loved by all the family, friends and other animals.

Cat training is a bit more unique, but it can be possible. It is well worth training your cat because it will do good for the health and safety of both cat and owner.

Although cats are not noted for their obedience, they can be trained with a little bribery. Therefore, you must set up a training routine that sets your cat up to succeed. I believe there is no standard procedure to follow for cat training but there are a few cardinal rules in doing so. The most important is that before you start to train your cat, it is advisable that a bond be established with the cat.

Cats, just like us humans, use body language to communicate and broadcast information about their feelings and moods, desires, likes and dislikes. Cats value and look forward to attention and affection that can be gained from training. So give them the affection they deserve and your attempts at training they will be made a lot easier.

Training your cat is a fantastic way to enrich your cat’s life: It builds a strong rapport between you and your cat because training underlines your authority (your cat has to do what you want to get what she wants), it helps to curb dominant behavior.

Cats are often underestimated when it comes to the training process, simply because the average owner has very little need to attempt any sort of training at all. Training your cat will keep your cat’s mind active and stimulated because anxious and highly-strung cats are reassured and soothed by the repetition and routine of training.

Training your cat for proper toilet and litter box manners and patterns require a good amount of time and patience. Although cats are wonderful pets but cleaning their litter box can be a real drag. Because in general, cats are very shy when they want to go to the toilet, they will often only do it in their litter box if it is placed in a quiet, secluded area, and away members of the family and other animals.

One of many reasons to ensure that your cat is properly trained is because of this type of situation. Okay, let’s say you want to have friends over to visit, but you can’t, why not, because you’re embarrassed your house smells like a cat pee, your rugs and curtains have rips and tears from your kitty’s “romps through the jungle,” and your acrobatic feline is likely to vault onto the kitchen table and nibble on your dinner when you’re not looking. That type of situation makes it paramount that you ensure that your cat is properly trained. Why, because many feline behavior problems, especially in cats kept indoors, are caused by boredom.

Personally, I would just love to see my gorgeous and perfectly behave around the house so that I can alleviate this type of scenario.

Any cat owner who opts for cat training must keep their expectations realistic to avoid working under false pretenses while going through the training sessions.

The great part is that we have just scratched the surface of what you’ll uncover about training your cat. You need to have patience, praise and helpful cat training techniques; it is possible to keep your cat from engaging inappropriate behavior. Ideally, training your cat will strengthen the human-feline relationship.

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