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A unique oil spill cleanup solution

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010
BP Gulf Oil Spill, 5.20.2010, @40,000 feet.
Image by zphone via Flickr

There have been many proposed helpful solutions to help clean up the oil that is spreading across the Gulf including oil booms, fires, dispersing agents and several others.

One of the more unique solutions come from hair salons collecting human hair from their hair cuts to be used to soak up the oil.  Now a Dallas pet groomer is doing the same with pet hair.

The Petropolitan is collecting an incredible amount of pet hair that will be shipped south on June 10 to be made into a hair boom which will be placed on shorelines to collect oil that makes it to the shore.

“A hair boom is a piece of pantyhose shoved full of about 20 pounds of pet and human hair. According to Petropolitan co-owner Chris Watts, 20 pounds of pet hair can collect 200 pounds of oil. The bags of hair will be shipped to representatives of the non-profit Matter of Trust, who have been given approval by the Coast Guard to donate booms for the coast.”

How to Make a Hair Boom

Unfortunately, engineers working to clean up the oil spill just announced they will not use hair booms in their efforts as they feel their commercial booms work better.

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