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Choosing the right vet and forming a partnership for life – your pet’s life

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

We all have problems.  The economy, who to vote for in the upcoming election, whether it’s going to rain and should you take an umbrella with you when you go out.

Problems.  Yeah.  They’re a part of life and we all have them.

Most people who have pets also have some sort of pet problems.  For us its the cats we have.  They are finicky.  One of them was the runt of the litter and she arrived with some serious immune and digestive issues.  Whenever I look at her it is with anxious eyes.  Is she thinner?  What’s she doing as far as twitching and licking.  Those are the tell-tale signs of a systemic problem that may need my attention very soon.

But for all that, she’s wonderful. She’s loving.  She’s a mean hunter that keeps the pests and rodents away from her home.  She’s ours and we are very glad she and her brother are sharing our offices.

I’ve gotten to know her veterinarian very well and I adore him.

Finding him, however, was not an easy task.  You’d think that in the business we have it would be easy to find a vet.  We know hundreds, and in our local area we have dozens to choose from within a 5 minute drive of our front door.   I almost feel like the Hairclub for men man when I say “Not only do we own VetLocator, but we use it too (as a reminder – and for those of you not familiar – the Hairclub for men man said “not only am I the owner but I’m a customer too” as he dramatically shows his partially bald head.

In my case I interviewed 3 or 4 veterinarians, went to one, then to another and then to a third vet.  Each was OK but I did not feel what I wanted to feel.  I didn’t feel a partnership with the vet or the office or something.

So I kept looking.

And my looking paid off.

I found a wonderful veterinarian that treated our little girl and changed her condition and symptoms so they were under control.  Finally.  I found a veterinarian who is great and his office and staff are equally wonderful.  He’s a keeper and we’ve formed a good partnership on keeping Kewpie healthy.

Today our cats are mostly very healthy and it is rare I need to contact our veterinarian.  Besides regular checkups I can control things pretty well from home.

But if I ever need something, have a question or an emergency I know my partner is there and the problems I am facing at the moment will be addressed and we’ll handle it together.

As I said, we all have problems.  Finding the right vet and forming a pet health partnership for your pets gives you one less problem to try and solve.

And that makes things just a little, or a lot, better.

Isn’t that a nice thing?

If you are looking for a pet health partner, do what I did.  Use our directory to locate the nearest ones to where you are, then interview them and the staff and office too, to find the one that is the best fit for you and your pets.  It is so worth the effort.

And if you need help, you can always contact our customer care.  We’re here for you too.


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