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May is for Moms!

Monday, May 13th, 2013

It’s no secret that mothers take care of everything and everybody, in pet-owning homes that additionally signifies looking after a couple of additional “children.”

So your mother complains she has everything she could need, of course with a child like you what else does she need. If this is the case why not help pamper the already spoiled family pet!

  • Cat sleeps everywhere – Let’s get them a cat hammock


The cat hammock from Cat Crib, www.catcrib.com provides a nice, cozy and quiet place for your cat without taking much valuable floor space in a small room. Cat hammock is an item for your pets that adds lots of fun to their life.

Or why not build your own cat hammock with this fun DIY project. — Build a Cat Hammock

  • Help rid the house of fur! – A Good De-shedding Pet Brush

A Furminator pet brush gives mom a much-needed hand cleaning the house after furry family members. Furminator is an extremely powerful de-shedding tool that can get deep down and bring up fur from all types of sizes of dog and cat fur coats.


  • The dog is fat – Bake Dog treats!


Why not bake your mother’s dog a yummy treat with this fun DIY recipe! — Gluten Free Dog Treats


Check out this video too on How to Make Home Made Dog Treats!