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Pet’s & Technology…it’s over the top! [humor]

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

Yesterday while perusing news alerts for pets and vets, I came across a press release about a company that has just launched a new product. Headphones for cats. And these headphones for cats are soooo good, they will set you back $1000.

A thousand dollars!!!

If you are the teeniest bit interested, here’s a sales infomercial you have to see..

“We had to change the housing to accommodate the unique shape of cat ears and to reduce output for sensitivity,” inventor Combs says. “They also have a mic and remote, but I don’t envision many cats using that functionality.”

(And remember, they only have 10 sets so get yours today!)

Technology for pets, like technology for humans seems to be accelerating faster than dog years.

Who would have dreamed 5 years ago that stem cell treatment for pets would become a common occurrence with a high success in reversing limb and joint ailments in dogs and horses?

Medical technology I can understand. Headphones for cats…well, OK. I don’t really see a need but if you want to spend the money on your cat, OK.

Text From Dog

However, this next one is over the top. It’s about a texting dog and he has a new book coming out called “Text From Dog”

Now that’s ridiculous. A dog who texts? I have problems texting and a DOG is so good they are making a book out of his texts?????

Here’s a description and some sample text images (and, by the way these are fictitious text messages – I’m relieved to say – that are very funny. I’ve included a few below)

Tumblr blog Text From Dog, which publishes fictitious SMS conversations between a dog and its owner, is the latest web entity to land a book deal.

U.K. publisher Headline Publishing announced Monday it would release the book Oct. 25.

The blog launched in April with a brief description: “My dog sends me texts. I post them here. Yeah, it’s weird.”