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Is Dog Health Insurance For You?

Friday, May 18th, 2012

It’s tough finding the best dog insurance with the many insurance policies you can choose from today.

We’ve written about choosing pet insurance in the past and it’s worth looking at these past articles.  Dogs in particular have some special considerations when choosing insurance.


Here are some tips for you when you are choosing insurance for your pet.

Here are some questions to answer first:

1.  Do you even want insurance?

It is true that veterinary costs have steadily gone up over the past years.  There are good reasons for these price increases including better medications, better equipment, specialized medicine and more life-saving services offered under one roof.

However, being able to do more to help your pet live a longer and better life does come at a price and many pet owners are now not able to afford the very services that veterinarians have invested so much into being able to offer.

This is where insurance can help.  By paying a monthly or annual fee, you are limiting the maximum cost you will have to spend at any one time on your dog.

2.  What type of budget are you able to afford to pay for your pet’s care?

Depending on different factors, just like human insurance, your pet’s insurance rate will vary by plan and by insurance company.

Weigh the costs of monthly premium + deductible vs. having to come up with a lump sum amount all at once.  For example, if your pet is hit by a car and has broken bones that need to be set plus surgery to repair something, that bill can be expensive, often over $1,000.

Your options are:

A.  pay the amount at the time

B. finance the amount using a credit card or financing option

C. pay the deductible for the pet insurance that you have been paying on for just such an emergency.

3.  Determine what the premiums would be based on different insurance companies and the age, breed and preexisting conditions of your dog.

If your dog is older, has had health issues in the past, is of a certain breed that has a tendency for health problems (example, certain breeds develop hip dysplasia easily and some insurance policies will exclude that condition from coverage if that is the breed you have).

4.  Find out if your veterinarian accepts the insurance you are considering

5.  Find out how the insurance company pays if you have a claim.  Do you pay and they reimburse or do they pay and you don’t have any out of pocket besides your deductible?

There are also services that are not insurance but they do offer discounted pet health fees when you pay a premium and use one of their providers.

Armed with the above advice, you will be able to make the decision on whether pet insurance is a good match for you and your dog.

Linda Ferguson
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Pet Insurance: Tips Pet Owners Should Know

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

At any time of the year, the nasty four-legged furry neighbors, including the pet pets plus dogs amidst others, are more inclined to disease or injury particularly when they are spending longer outside. Many pet owners are worried they wouldn’t be capable to afford healthcare services for their dogs. Pet insurance is a smart choice to aid we with all the veterinary expenses. But before we finally choose, here are some strategies to support we inside the pet insurance options.

To begin with, there are many kinds of pet insurance to select from. A pet wellness insurance program reimburses the pet owner of covered veterinary care plus itemizes covered treatments, lifetimes, or per disease maximums. As you’ll see under, the expense of the pet wellness policy can fluctuate based found on the amount of coverage, the kind of coverage, geographical place, the kind of pet (species), its breed plus age, plus even whether it is very sprayed or neutered. Check this Seven (7) Things that affect pet insurance cost:

1. Type of Coverage

For the kind of coverage, certain factors which affect the pet insurance expense are pet’s disease, accident or routine care. Whenever considering this, you need to understand what advantages are covered plus what are not covered. Usually, the bigger the amount of coverage, the better the premium amount. If you take over a heavier share for a pet’s veterinary care, the premium is small. Choosing to not cover a pet’s routine care usually enable we reduce the expense of insurance.

2. Policy Limits

Some significant details to consider whenever dealing with plan limits are deductible, co-pay, incident limit, yearly limit considering these factors affect the expense of insurance. We must determine how much you ought to pay before the Pet Insurance Company reimburses the expenses. We could additionally recognize what maximum amount is paid per incident or disease plus yearly caps. To get a more affordable pet insurance, it’s suggested to select a high deductible, high co-pay, plus lower yearly maximum.

3. Geographical Location

Since veterinarian bills vary greatly between regions, the place where we reside affects the premium. Usually, the expense of veterinary care is a lot pricey inside a big city than inside a tiny town, that affects reimbursement rates.

4. Type of Pet

Certain dogs tend to have more disease or accident issues than others. Like for illustration, dogs have more injuries plus health issues than pets. Because of which, it’s much pricey to insure a dog than a cat.

5. Breed of Pet

There are certain breeds of dogs plus pets which have more health issues than many other breeds. The insurer considers this element to calculate the premium you ought to pay to insure a pet.

6. Age of Pet

The age of the pet equally affects the expense of pet insurance. Usually, dogs which have age between 8 weeks plus 5 years of age are provided with all the right rates. For those elder dogs, the premium is high considering they often have more health issues than young ones.

7. Spayed plus Neutered Pets

Usually those spayed or neutered pets plus dogs usually obtain a lower premium considering they have a lower risk of getting illnesses plus diseases.

Insure4U has all pet insurance info like pet insurance plans, reviews, comparison plus more. Let you guide we from the procedure of acquiring the proper insurance for the dogs.

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Pet Insurance in 4 Easy Steps

Saturday, May 12th, 2012

If you have not yet realized it, the cost for most veterinary care keeps getting more expensive. It may be wise to consider pet insurance as a smart choice to keep pet health-care bills in an affordable range.

Most pets are a significant part of our families and the cost for pet insurance to make sure their health costs are covered is something pet owners are considering more today than in the past.

Here are some steps that make it easier if you are one of those pet owners looking to see if pet insurance is a good match for you.

Here is Pet Insurance in 4 easy steps


1) Pet Insurance Online

Since many pet insurance providers have their own sites, one of the best places to start comparing pet insurance rates and features is by comparing them online.  We suggest you have a piece of paper or a spreadsheet open as you do your research.

There are a wide range of insurance policies to choose from and each has slightly different features and prices. You should also be alert for pet insurance discounts.  Some companies will offer a discount with a discount or online coupon code.  When you are ready, do a search for discount coupon “pet insurance company name”.

However the first thing you’ll want to do is get your list of pet insurance companies and your paper and begin comparing.

2) Pet Insurance Ratings

Since the web is really simple to access, there usually lots of articles and websites on the subject of  pet insurance. With thousands of pet insurance sites, there is another method to comparing pet insurance that may match your needs. That system is searching  pet insurance ratings and reviews.

By reading the pet insurance reviews you can tell the best pet insurance carriers are plus what insurance carriers to avoid.  Some companies deliver more that is expected and others fall short.

3) Pet Insurance Quotes

Pet insurance quotes are often available for comparison online. Today there are many pet insurance quotes for us to choose from.  Most of these will have a price range but will have certain restrictions and exclusions based on age, conditions that are never covered and prior health issues that the insurance company will not cover.  Other insurance companies rate on age alone, with young pets being less expensive than older pets.

One of the factors to get many pet insurance quotes from different firms is the fact that frequently congenital plus hereditary diseases or pre-existing conditions are not covered by pet insurance. Therefore it is actually best which we a thorough analysis plus consult the veterinarian.

After you’ve found reliable pet insurance providers which might meet our pet’s needs, narrow right down to minimum three of them. You’ll want to be able to compare them each feature by feature along with any other important notes you’ve made for each company.

4) Compare Pet Insurance Reviews

Finally it is time to choose.  However, before you start the comparison:

You need a general idea regarding what choices you want for your pets. For instance, standard plans are the cheapest because they mainly provide unforeseen health and accident problems your pet may have.

You should consider factors like deductibles, copays and life limits.

Find out out how a claim is filed and how the claim is paid. Does the company pay the health provider directly or do they expect you to pay for the care and get reimbursed later by the insurance company.  It’s good to find out what limits there might be for treating conditions and medications.

Find out if your pet can see your vet or do you need to use one of their veterinarians.

If you need to use one of their veterinarians, find out more about that office.  Include location, hours, pet owner reviews, specialties and what other services that office offers.

When you see the plan which you think may be right, contact the insurance company, and also contact your veterinarian and ask any final questions before enrolling.

To your pets continued health!!


Pet Health Insurance – General Information On Pet Health Insurance

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

by Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI)

Purchasing pet wellness insurance may aid help save you a great deal of funds about veterinary bills throughout the pet’s lifetime. It is estimated which 1 inside 3 dogs want veterinary treatment every year. Below are several general info about pet wellness insurance.

Pet Health Insurance plus Veterinary Care

Pet insurance refuses to pay for preventive veterinary care or elective veterinary care. Veterinary bills have sky rocketed plus even a easy issue could expense we thousands of $ to fix. Depending found on the treatment required, the expense will leave the we with big veterinary bills.

Pet Health Insurance Coverage

The idea of healthcare insurance coverage for home dogs has been about for awhile today. The same fees, deductibles, coverage rates plus plans are all inside destination. Different plans are based found on the age, varieties, plus general wellness of the pet.

Like human medical plans emergency coverage starts at once, however, you have to wait a month or thus for the different advantages to kick inside.

If you’re seeking pet insurance to offer cover for routine treatments like teeth cleaning, vaccinations or nail trimming: forget it. Policies that offer which are surprisingly uncommon.

Pet Health Insurance Policy

Pet insurance is synonymous to a wellness plan. If the pet is ill or injured, then your pet is cared for by the vet plus claims are transferred to the plan provider for disbursements. The plan helps the owners financially, therefore saving them steep expenses whenever exploring the veterinarian. Usually a pet insurance pays for unexpected disease, injuries, injuries, or other emergency.

Pet Sitter’s Insurance Policies

Pet sitters plus dog walkers all over the world are coming to find it is necessary to their company (whether part-time or full-time) to have pet sitter’s insurance. The insurance industry has risen to the event plus today provides policies to people whom care for dogs.

Pet Health Insurance Companies

There are numerous businesses that provide pet wellness insurance plus you need to ask the veterinarian what firms he or she suggests. Pet insurance is currently available from many different businesses inside North America.

By doing a easy Google look, you might discover businesses which supply pet insurance online. If you have multiple pet to insure, countless online firms might usually provide discounts for several dogs.

Pet Health Insurance plus Pet Illness

Pet wellness insurance plans may take care of the pet’s wellness requires like yearly checkups, vaccinations plus heartworm preventative medicine.

Basic accident plans don’t cover expenses connected to disease or condition.

A quantity of leading pet insurance services today provide pet owners travel pet insurance. This can provide pet owners the comfort of understanding which their pet is insured against any disease or mishap which might happen when they are away from house.

Would we be capable to obtain the cash for main veterinary function must the pet be inside eager need for it? If a answer is not a, then we could consider pet wellness insurance.

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