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This Poor Pooch flew out 4 Miles to Get this Pack. What’s Inside Brought Tears to my Eyes.

Thursday, July 17th, 2014

You’ve likely heard a lot of stories about how cherishing puppies could be yet you’ve presumably never heard anything like this previously. What Lilica does is amazingly exceptional and brought tears to my eyes. Lilica was relinquished as a junior puppy in São Carlos however found by Neile Vania Antonio. Together, they live in a junkyard with whatever remains of their assorted family that incorporates an alternate canine, a feline, a donkey, and a few chickens.

Lilica exists in a junkyard with an one more pooch, a feline, a donkey, and chickens.


Consistently, Lilica does something that will leave you speechless. Consistently, Lilica ventures two miles along an occupied interstate to visit Lucia Helena de Souza, who deals with various stray creatures. You see, Lucia and Lilica have an uncommon course of action: Lucia gets ready nourishment in a pack for Lilica and reaches her at 9:30 pm. Lilica will consume a portion of the food before making the two-mile voyage over with whatever remains of the supper once again to her junkyard home to feed whatever remains of her gang.

Consistently, she voyages a few miles along an occupied expressway to get nourishment for her gang.

poor pooch1

Lucia clarified, “I understood that she consumed and afterward gazed at what was clinched.” A neighbor then proposed that maybe Lilica continued gazing at the food in light of the fact that she needed to take whatever is left of  it with her. “At that point we tied up the pack and offered it to Lilica. From that point on, that is the thing that how we did it.” This plan has been continuing in excess of three years! Lucia accepts that Lilica is an extremely extraordinary puppy. “Individuals don’t do that. Some individuals cover up what they have and don’t have any desire to impart to others. She didn’t. Lilica is an outstanding creature.”

The feature underneath is in Portuguese however it is subtitled in English.