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Pet Health Care Insurance, What You Need To Know

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

by asterix611

How many times have you heard a pet owner wish he had bought pet health insurance?

Statistics show that people are willing to foot the growing medical bills for their beloved pets, making the need for pet health insurance a real concern. Advances in pet health care can leave owners with big veterinary bills. Pet health care insurance is now affordable and available for dogs, cats and exotics.

If you would not think of being without insurance for yourself and your family, that should include your pet companion as well. Pet insurance is not as expensive as human insurance and might come in handy.

Pet health care insurance is similar to human health insurance. Like all insurance, you hope you never use it. Pet health care insurance will pay or reimburse for veterinary services that are covered under the plan. Medical treatments and technologies used for humans are now being used for pets.

If your pet needs an emergency surgery, it would be nice to know that cost is not a factor, and you won’t have to pay for everything on your own. The insurance is just sensible.

Purchase insurance coverage ideally when your pet is still young before pre-existing conditions develop. You can enroll as young as eight weeks. Some plans only allow enrollment up to age 10 for cats and age 8 for dogs (age 6 for some breeds). Once enrolled, your pet may stay in the plan for the rest of its life.

Because of their natural adventurousness and high activity level, very young pets are famous for getting hurt and needing emergency care.

There are many pet insurance companies to choose from, and many different plans available. Read the fine print. Some companies have veterinarians that belong to their network. Under those particular policies, you pay a co-payment up front and the insurance company pays for the covered services. The downside is you have to find a veterinarian that is in the pet health care insurance “network.” Each policy is different and there is no one plan that fits everyone’s needs.

Services covered under many policies include spay surgery, neuter surgery, annual vaccinations, flea preventative, annual heartworm preventative, heartworm test, annual dental cleanings, accidents, illnesses, cancer, x-rays, and surgeries. In many cases, pet health care insurance will cover even more in maintaining the wellness of your loved pet. Your coverage may also include prescription foods, boarding, euthanasia, accidental death, recovery of lost pets, and micro-chip identification. Pet health insurance can prove to be invaluable.

Additional facts to consider when enrolling.

Are pre-existing conditions covered, and what constitutes a pre-existing condition? If a pre-existing condition is covered, what are the deductibles? Does the pet health insurance policy you are interested in cover prescription costs? Will my premium go up over time, as I file claims, or my pet gets older? Does the plan cover chronic or recurring conditions? What are the financial limits of coverage? How are they applied? Do you have more than one pet that could benefit from insurance coverage and are there multi-pet discounts available? Does your particular policy require monthly or annual payments? Talk to your veterinarian about your pet’s health and question the insurance companies about the limits of the pet health insurance coverage before purchasing a particular plan.

The right insurance plan requires some homework. We’ve brought you the best.

Why Does America Ignore Pet Health Insurance For Their Pets?

Monday, July 16th, 2012

by asterix611

 There are millions of pet owners inside America, nevertheless, the massive most refuses to have pet insurance; this really is peculiar whenever they are liked like any additional individual inside the house. Every American knows how significant it is actually to organize wellness insurance; when which is the case, shouldn’t the dogs ought to be looked following also?

This is an often-overlooked location plus considered superfluous by some; this attitude promptly changes whenever these pet owners are presented with all the bills for treatment. Many folks forget how much the expense of taking an animal to the vets for treatment has risen inside latest times; even the number one pet insurance services have, consequently, improved their costs.
The increasing expense of security is 1 point to consider, however, is there any others? Anyone who owns a domestic animal should be prepared for health issues occasionally; the more we have, the better the opportunity is, plus when this does happen a couple of occasions a year, you’ll shortly see the savings decrease.

When you see oneself inside this predicament, a choice might need to be made; we learn, which treating the animal usually spot financial stress about, we.

This condition occurred to me a couple of years ago whenever I was searching at spending 1 1000 $ to protect my dog; though he is an element of my family, I did question at the time (I feel ashamed now), when the expense was worthwhile. Effective treatment inside these cases is not guaranteed; operations about animals could fail often.

The financial aspect of hunting following a pet is anything, which should be considered carefully; this really is a lot more relevant in the event you are experiencing financial issues. Raising (sometimes) big sums cash is confirmed to be financially embarrassing specifically whenever you have cash problems; that may indicate consulting a relative or friend for the revenue.

Ensuring the pet receives the treatment it needs ought to be each owner’s aim; setting up a pet wellness insurance program, might offer peace of notice, because this cannot be an issue again. Although pet healthcare insurance fees are increasing they are not going to break the bank; for about 40 $ (or Less) monthly expense of health care is assured.

Nearly all-pet healthcare policy is tailor-made to suit individual circumstances; possibly, to include multiple pet found on the same program. Many companies like Pet Plan, VPI Pet Insurance, plus ASPCA, provide quite flexible deductible, premium, plus payment plans.

Hopefully, this particular article makes pet owners think again regarding their responsibility; you might absolutely be providing this topic certain severe consideration.

Affording pet care: Some ideas to keep pets healthy

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

kitten lifting weightsThis week I received three different emails asking for help from three different pet owners with the exact same topic:  “Help!  We can’t take our pet to the vet because we don’t have the money. ”

I couldn’t help them.  I wish I could but I can’t.

It tore my heart out.

It’s no secret that pet health care can be expensive.  It can and often is. Veterinarians live in the same world we do and, like many of us, their costs for doing business, buying new equipment, specialized education and investing in keeping our pets alive longer has gotten more expensive.

Things that affect us in the economy affect them too.

Today even I think twice before I take my pets in for something because I never seem to get away from my veterinarians office for less than $100.  It’s like Costco.  I can never go in without spending at least $100. It’s weird.  So I try and plan our trips, both to the veterinarian and to Costco.

And is the price worth it when I do go?  Usually yes – (although I sometimes get ticked off that all fees where I go come from a computer generated program.  The computer spits out the price for ‘____treatment’ whether it was a 5 minute treatment or a 30 minute.  Those fees sometimes seem a LITTLE high)…and over-all I usually am fine with paying my bill.  I just don’t go out of my way to take my pets there except for routine wellness or real emergencies.

While I don’t want to spend money unnecessarily at the vets, I want to make sure he’s there when I need him.  I count on him being there.  I want to have a place to take my pets that can handle whatever health crisis arises.  I want state-of-the-art, life saving stuff there WHEN my pet needs it.

Don’t you feel the same?  I pay my bill thankful that this wonderful man is there to help keep my pets well and healthy.

So lets talk a little about today. About affording pet health care today, in today’s economy with today’s things happening.

What can you do?

Do what you can to keep your pets healthy which goes a long way to keeping pet care affordable.

  • The first thing is educate yourself as a pet parent about your pet and pet health.  The internet gives you instant answers to common questions and you can find answers in many other places including your library and pet store, other pet owners.  Your veterinarian will be happy to help you with questions you might have too.
  • Healthy basics are the same for both you and your pets.  These basics include good nutrition (educate yourself on what this is for your pet), ample exercise and emotional health (enough love and spending enough time with you and enough play). Keep the basics IN for best results.
  • Look at both traditional and complimentary pet health methods.  There is wisdom in both and more and more today you’ll find formerly alternative methods being used in traditional veterinary clinics.  For example, it’s becoming common to find acupuncture being offered as a treatment in many clinics and hospitals.
  • Make sure you take your pets in for their annual check-ups, including blood tests, as these can allow early diagnosis and early treatment (usually less expensive) for health issues.
  • If you can afford it, buy pet insurance.  Pet insurance comes in all shapes and sizes.  It’s  least expensive when your pet is young.  When shopping for insurance, make sure you compare policies, comparing ‘apples to apples’,  paying particular attention to what is covered and what the companies definition of  preexisting conditions is.  Having pet insurance in the event of a serious occurrence can be the difference between choosing to let your pet live or die because of affordability.
  • I also use the internet to shop wisely for those brands that I feel are the healthiest for my animals.  I’ve gotten coupons and free samples from companies who want to introduce me to their products and I use these when I shop.

I’ve been doing these same things for several years and, overall, the results have been good, our pets are healthy and our pet health care costs aren’t out of hand.  It’s a little extra work to stay healthy but the benefits far outweigh the effort.

So to you and your pets I say

Stay healthy affordably!

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