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Your pet’s name – is it a reflection on you? According to your vet, the answer is yes.

Friday, May 14th, 2010

Dr. Patty Khulyx

According to a recent post in USA Today, many veterinarians have distinct opinions on what we name our animals.
“Less-than-fetching pet names can reflect back on owners,” Florida-based veterinarian Dr. Patty Khuly says that what a cat or dog is named can reveal quite a bit about the pet parent.

So what does your pet’s name say about you?

Whether it’s the twentysomething’s Rottweiler named “FUBAR” or the newlywed couple’s first kitten registered as “Emma,” veterinarians usually get the picture.

Dr. Khuly says that trends and the person’s attitude toward their pet is reflected in their name and their name reflects back on you.

“Though I may make fun, I do understand that our pets’ names are justifiably sacred. The bond we share with them gets its early start when we offer them a denomination (or epithet, as the case may be) and is constantly reinforced with each call and response.”

That’s right.  Just don’t make fun of me for having no imagination because I named our white cat…White Cat.

Linda Ferguson

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