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Magnetic pill could boost body’s absorption of drugs

This article talks about being able to use this method to precisely target where in the body’s system a pill dissolves.  It is aimed at humans, tested on rats and will probably show up in veterinary medicine soon.

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Think recession is the only reason pet owners aren’t coming to see you? There are more…

I just read an interesting article in DVM magazine that started off with this line : “The majority of pet owners question the need for regular veterinary care.” This interesting piece of information is from a study “Bayer Veterianary Care Usage Study” and came from the 2,000 dog and cat owners that participated in the study. Here are a few of the numbers from the study: * 63 percent of dog owners and 68 percent of cat owners question the need for regular veterinary care. * Older pets see the veterinarian far less frequently than … Continue reading

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Major study of cancer in Golden Retrievers announced.

Possibly the largest and longest observational study of canine cancer in dogs, specifically Golden Retrievers, is set to launch later this year.  The project is known as the Canine Lifetime Health Project, will be conducted by the Morris Animal Foundation, will follow Golden Retrievers from 2 through 7 years of age, and will span 13 years.  The purpose of this study is to better understand the genetic, nutritional and environmental risk factors for cancer and other diseases. To read more about this study, click here:

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