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VetLocator Pet Pros FREE Webinar: Online Reviews – How Important Are They?

Pet owners are talking about you – and today the whole world is listening. Local review and directory sites have become the new Yellow pages. In this 40 minute webinar “Online Reviews – How Important Are They?” we’ll cover: The difference between a review and a testimonial Where pet owners are going to leave reviews about you The importance of Google Maps and Yelp to your business How to make sure your business is properly listed on review sites Setting up a review program your staff can manage. Tips for handling bad reviews Things you … Continue reading

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Take a helicopter ride and buzz your office or home – free

Have you ever wanted to Take a helicopter ride and buzz your office or home?  Now you can and you can do it for free – in Google’s new Virtual Helicopter. Google has added a cool 3D feature to it’s Google Maps that simulates a helicopter flight.  I just took a ‘flight’ from Clearwater, Florida (our offices) to Key West.  It was pretty interesting. To use this new feature you have to have the Google Earth plugin installed on your computer, which you can get HERE.  Now go to Google Maps and click Get Directions.  … Continue reading

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Online Reviews – How important are they? Should you care?

  I just returned from a week’s trip to California, part business and part family. While I was there I had lunch with a family member who happens to be married to a successful chiropractor. He’s been in business for 20+ years in an affluent area of Southern California and every year I’ve known him, his practice has grown. He’s a pretty terrific guy, is a well-known figure in his town and I know for a fact that most of his patients adore him. So I was surprised to hear the lunch conversation going something … Continue reading

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AVMA pledges $5 Million Dollars to develop strategy to help ailing US Vet profession

Read more AVMA is undertaking a long-term, multimillion-dollar initiative to develop a strategy for reversing a troubling economic decline evident throughout much of the U.S. veterinary profession. My comment: “If they can do this with the money they have pledged, we want to send them to Washington to help out too. Adam

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800PetMeds is bad enough and now Wal-Mart is gunning for veterinary prescriptions

AVMA challenges Wal-Mart’s push to make veterinarians script out The AVMA is challenging Wal-Mart’s push to pet owners to have their pet’s prescription medication filled at Wal-Mart. To read more about this visit this link:

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I want one of these.

I don’t know about you, but with all of the various electronics that need to be plugged in, some plugs in our office look like they are growing appendages. The Flipit! USB charger lets you charge your USB device even when all AC outlets are in use. Simply flip out the power tab, insert any existing AC power plug through the tab, then plug into a wall outlet or power strip. Now you’re ready to charge. Most mobile devices are compatible with the charger, although the iPad is one notable exception. The Flipit is currently … Continue reading

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Feline Stem Cell Therapy for treating feline IBD showing promise

An interesting article in Veterinary Practice News today on treating feline inflammatory bowel and kidney disease in cats using stem cell therapy.  The results are promising…. Read More:

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Vaccine Could Help Control Feral Cat Population

Image via Wikipedia University of Florida  researchers A study performed by University of Florida researchers could aid in the management of feral cat populations. The researchers found that a single dose of the immunocontraceptive vaccine GonaCon controls fertility over multiple years in adult female cats. Non-profit veterinary research organization Morris Animal Foundation funded the five-year study, which was published online in August in the scientific journal Theriogenology. The UF researchers administered single dose vaccinations to 15 female cats and placebos to another five cats. The cats were then allowed access to a breeding male cat. … Continue reading

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