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How important are reviews on major review sites – check this out

Most would agree that online reviews are gaining much more importance in how well a business does, or does not do.  There is so much information available online that any question a person has about anything or any one, chances are there is someone who has commented on that very topic.  And I don’t know about you, but I am slightly disturbed if I search for something and don’t find a review about it somewhere. Reviews are valuable information.  They tell us things that we want to know and frequently they help us decide what … Continue reading

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Do Sonic bug repellants work?

Personally, I don’t know of anyone who has not tried one of those sonic pest repellants.  You know, those small plastic devices that plug into an outlet and are supposed to drive away roaches and rats and other annoying pests through the high pitched sound they emit. We’ve tried them over time, not once but three different times, each time hoping they’d have an effect, ANY effect, on the problem.  And each time the answer was nope. It has been awhile since we even bothered with those things, but today I was reminded of them … Continue reading

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Customer complaints – there are 5 types. Here’s how to handle them.

We put a lot of focus on pet owner reviews because bad reviews from pet owners will hurt your practice tremendously. Knowing how to keep pet owner upsets to a minimum is the best thing.  Following that is how to handle a pet owner who is upset so the problem gets solved quickly within your organization and does not become viral on the internet as the first thing a potential pet owner sees when they search for your name. Inc. Magazine online has a great article about 5 different types of customer complaints and how … Continue reading

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Keeping abreast of pet owner needs by asking the right questions

There are times when you need answers in order to make correct decisions for your business. Decisions such as “Should I invest in the latest equipment for our surgery?” or “I wonder if adding a mobile unit would be a wise decision” to “Should we put review cards in our lobby or have the staff hand them to the owners when they are done with their appointment?” Asking questions is important; asking the right questions is vital. In fact, if you aren’t asking the right questions or you’re asking the wrong questions, you could be … Continue reading

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A record number of new pet products are about to launch, and most of them fall in the natural, organic or healthy category

We just received a press release that an upcoming tradeshow being held in March will showcase a record number of new pet product brands, all in the natural, organic and healthy living categories. It’s interesting to note this growth, especially because so many market segments are in the doldrums. The trade show is Natural Products Expo West, a natural, organic and healthy living tradeshow in the world since its inception over 30 years ago. The trade only event will be held March 8 – 11, 2012 at the Anaheim Convention Center and will play host … Continue reading

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The Better Business Bureau

Online reputation management is more important than ever, and if you are a small business that is reviewed online by your customers, you know how important it is to have positive reviews showing, especially on trusted sites like Google Places and the Better Business Bureau. In light of this, wouldn’t you be alarmed if you received a complaint notice via email from the Better Business Bureau? There is a scam currently circulating where small businesses are receiving an official looking email supposedly from the Better Business Bureau telling the owner they have received a complaint … Continue reading

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AVMA pledges $5 Million Dollars to develop strategy to help ailing US Vet profession

Read more AVMA is undertaking a long-term, multimillion-dollar initiative to develop a strategy for reversing a troubling economic decline evident throughout much of the U.S. veterinary profession. My comment: “If they can do this with the money they have pledged, we want to send them to Washington to help out too. Adam

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Vaccine Could Help Control Feral Cat Population

Image via Wikipedia University of Florida  researchers A study performed by University of Florida researchers could aid in the management of feral cat populations. The researchers found that a single dose of the immunocontraceptive vaccine GonaCon controls fertility over multiple years in adult female cats. Non-profit veterinary research organization Morris Animal Foundation funded the five-year study, which was published online in August in the scientific journal Theriogenology. The UF researchers administered single dose vaccinations to 15 female cats and placebos to another five cats. The cats were then allowed access to a breeding male cat. … Continue reading

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Have people forgotten how to spell or it is something else?

Question for you: Have you noticed that people’s ability to spell words correctly is getting worse? We have.  We’re receiving more emails from pet owners to vets that are full of misspellings, punctuation errors and incomplete sentences, almost on a daily basis. They often look something like this (we received these today): “My grandmother has a chow and he is about 12 he is very difficult to have groomed is there something we can give him to keep him came?  Also he is now walking with a limp and one of legs are hurting him … Continue reading

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Is your business glass 1/2 empty or 1/2 full?

A short time ago I sent out an email titled “Can I ask A favor?” and the question was “What is your single most important question regarding your business?” As you might suspect, the largest response went something like this: “When will the economy bounce back so people have money to spend on their pets?” I wish I had an answer to that question, but, unfortunately I don’t. The truth is the economy is stressing every sector of business today and some businesses are not doing a good job handling the stress.  But if you … Continue reading

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