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Business Tips – How to stay resilient in today’s economy

There’s no doubt that today’s economy is throwing curve balls at businesses today, some areas have them coming fast and furious and others not so much. The following video is from American Express and contains good information on how to stay resilient – and get ahead – in today’s economy. What steps have you taken to cut costs and improve your bottom line in today’s economy? Let us know by leaving your comments below.

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Heads Up News – Are Veterinarians Over Vaccinating Pets To Run Up Vet Bills?

Image by Getty Images via Daylife In the course of reviewing news items, I come across articles that I know pet owners will soon be reading, and some of them will be heading to the phone to give their vets a call to discuss. I’ll be posting these to the blog under the category “Heads Up News”. Here’s one I came across today: Are Veterinarians Over Vaccinating Pets To Run Up Vet Bills? published in The Connecticut Watchdog that references a Smart Money article on Veterinarians who over vaccinate pets for the money. “SmartMoney is … Continue reading

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Recall Alert: Purina horse feed and poultry feed recall

Purina Mills is voluntarily recalling two types of feed because of metal fragments found in the mixes. There have been some complaints but no reports of injury or damage to animals has been reported yet. Below is the FDA’s recall: Purina Mills Undertakes Limited Recall of Strategy® Horse Feed and Layena® Poultry Feed Contact: Jeanne Forbis: 651-481-2071 or 612-308-5441 David Karpinski: 651-481-2360 Products Distributed in Mississippi, Arkansas, Kentucky,Tennessee, Alabama, Indiana, Missouri and Virginia FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — St. Louis, Mo., April 16, 2010 — Purina Mills, LLC, is voluntarily recalling two specific lots of 50-pound … Continue reading

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Tech Tip – How to record your office voicemail message better

Image by drewleavy via Flickr If you’re like me, you’ve probably recorded or had someone record a voicemail greeting for your office, home phone or cell phone. And, if you’re like me, you usually will record the same message more than once because it does not sound perfect.  Here are some tips to getting that perfect message in fewer takes: Start with a written script for your message.  If you need inspiration, you can check out these sample scripts and just modify them to fit your need. Encourage callers to leave a detailed message as … Continue reading

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FDA seeking injunction against Franck’s Compounding Lab

Here’s a notice from the FDA regarding Franck’s Compounding Lab of Ocala, FL.: SILVER SPRING, Md., April 19 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The Food and Drug Administration is seeking an injunction in federal court against Franck’s Compounding Lab of Ocala, Fla., to prevent the company from introducing adulterated, misbranded, and unsafe animal drugs into interstate commerce. The FDA is concerned that the company’s continued compounding practices pose a significant public health risk, as evidenced by the deaths of 21 polo ponies April 19, 2009, before a match in the U.S. Open Polo Championships, after having been given … Continue reading

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