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Have people forgotten how to spell or it is something else?

Question for you: Have you noticed that people’s ability to spell words correctly is getting worse? We have.  We’re receiving more emails from pet owners to vets that are full of misspellings, punctuation errors and incomplete sentences, almost on a daily basis. They often look something like this (we received these today): “My grandmother has a chow and he is about 12 he is very difficult to have groomed is there something we can give him to keep him came?  Also he is now walking with a limp and one of legs are hurting him … Continue reading

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Tech Tip: How to Plug In a USB Cable The Right Way Every Time

Most people have had this experience:  You pick up the end of a USB cable and go to insert it into your computer and it won’t go in, so you flip it over and try again, hoping it will fit this time.  It doesn’t so you flip it over and try again and NOW it fits.  Grrrrr! Ever happen to you? Here’s a tip on how to pick the right side of the USB cable that works almost every time.  If you look at most USB cables, you’ll notice a USB connection graphic on one … Continue reading

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