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Do Sonic bug repellants work?

Personally, I don’t know of anyone who has not tried one of those sonic pest repellants.  You know, those small plastic devices that plug into an outlet and are supposed to drive away roaches and rats and other annoying pests through the high pitched sound they emit. We’ve tried them over time, not once but three different times, each time hoping they’d have an effect, ANY effect, on the problem.  And each time the answer was nope. It has been awhile since we even bothered with those things, but today I was reminded of them … Continue reading

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Customer complaints – there are 5 types. Here’s how to handle them.

We put a lot of focus on pet owner reviews because bad reviews from pet owners will hurt your practice tremendously. Knowing how to keep pet owner upsets to a minimum is the best thing.  Following that is how to handle a pet owner who is upset so the problem gets solved quickly within your organization and does not become viral on the internet as the first thing a potential pet owner sees when they search for your name. Inc. Magazine online has a great article about 5 different types of customer complaints and how … Continue reading

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