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Are you providing house call services? Here is someone who is successfully

As you have long been aware, house call services are becoming more popular with pet owners, willing to pay more for the convenience and personal service a veterinary house call can provide. VetLocator’s house call directory is a very popular destination for pet owners, and while we don’t survey owners on why they are seeking a house call, we can say housecalls are getting more popular here. I came across an article in The Hearld News on a house call veterinarian in New York who is doing many things right, for her market.  I suspect … Continue reading

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Keeping abreast of pet owner needs by asking the right questions

There are times when you need answers in order to make correct decisions for your business. Decisions such as “Should I invest in the latest equipment for our surgery?” or “I wonder if adding a mobile unit would be a wise decision” to “Should we put review cards in our lobby or have the staff hand them to the owners when they are done with their appointment?” Asking questions is important; asking the right questions is vital. In fact, if you aren’t asking the right questions or you’re asking the wrong questions, you could be … Continue reading

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Online Reviews – How important are they? Should you care?

  I just returned from a week’s trip to California, part business and part family. While I was there I had lunch with a family member who happens to be married to a successful chiropractor. He’s been in business for 20+ years in an affluent area of Southern California and every year I’ve known him, his practice has grown. He’s a pretty terrific guy, is a well-known figure in his town and I know for a fact that most of his patients adore him. So I was surprised to hear the lunch conversation going something … Continue reading

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Tech Tip: How to Plug In a USB Cable The Right Way Every Time

Most people have had this experience:  You pick up the end of a USB cable and go to insert it into your computer and it won’t go in, so you flip it over and try again, hoping it will fit this time.  It doesn’t so you flip it over and try again and NOW it fits.  Grrrrr! Ever happen to you? Here’s a tip on how to pick the right side of the USB cable that works almost every time.  If you look at most USB cables, you’ll notice a USB connection graphic on one … Continue reading

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Make Sure You Never Forget Your Flash Drive In Your Computer

I sometimes use a flash drive (those small portable usb drives that are so handy to use to transport files and photos to another computer) to take files from the office to my home computer.  I usually remember to remove my drive from home to take back to the office, but not always. If you do the same, here’s a free piece of software that will make sure you don’t forget your flash drive: Good computing! Linda

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More veterinarians are now making house calls

One of our most popular directories at is our House Call Directory. Some reasons? More pet owners are hearing about house calls and want them Home euthanasia is becoming increasingly popular Older pet owners can’t easily get their pets to their vets and prefer the vet to come to them. Some pets don’t do as well in a strange environment either because of temperament or age. Some pet owners just prefer the convenience of house calls vs. the hassle of taking their pets in and are willing to pay more for this convenience. If … Continue reading

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Think recession is the only reason pet owners aren’t coming to see you? There are more…

I just read an interesting article in DVM magazine that started off with this line : “The majority of pet owners question the need for regular veterinary care.” This interesting piece of information is from a study “Bayer Veterianary Care Usage Study” and came from the 2,000 dog and cat owners that participated in the study. Here are a few of the numbers from the study: * 63 percent of dog owners and 68 percent of cat owners question the need for regular veterinary care. * Older pets see the veterinarian far less frequently than … Continue reading

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Facebook Stalkers – 5 ways you can block them

Image via CrunchBase More and more practices are including a Facebook Fan Page as part of their marketing strategy and pet businesses with a Silver or Gold listing may also list their Facebook and Twitter accounts as points of contact and more information for potential customers. But along with all the good things having a Facebook can bring, it can also bring out some ‘stalkers’. In the case of a business, this can mean someone posting angry reviews and messages on your page, competitors trying to do your business harm. Many of you have personal … Continue reading

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Is your business glass 1/2 empty or 1/2 full?

A short time ago I sent out an email titled “Can I ask A favor?” and the question was “What is your single most important question regarding your business?” As you might suspect, the largest response went something like this: “When will the economy bounce back so people have money to spend on their pets?” I wish I had an answer to that question, but, unfortunately I don’t. The truth is the economy is stressing every sector of business today and some businesses are not doing a good job handling the stress.  But if you … Continue reading

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VL Business Tips: How to motivate your team (and yourself) to achieve much more

What is motivation? Pick up any dictionary and look up the word motivation.  Chances are you’ll see the meaning of motivation is a need or desire that compels a person to act. The term has originated from a Latin word “motus” which means “motion”. Motivation is the activation or energization of goal-oriented behavior. So why is it that the subject of motivation is such a hot topic in business management? Business literature is packed with advice about personal and team motivation.  In fact the phrase ‘get motivated‘ is searched in Google over 1,000 times … Continue reading

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