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How important are reviews on major review sites – check this out

Most would agree that online reviews are gaining much more importance in how well a business does, or does not do.  There is so much information available online that any question a person has about anything or any one, chances are there is someone who has commented on that very topic.  And I don’t know about you, but I am slightly disturbed if I search for something and don’t find a review about it somewhere. Reviews are valuable information.  They tell us things that we want to know and frequently they help us decide what … Continue reading

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Are you providing house call services? Here is someone who is successfully

As you have long been aware, house call services are becoming more popular with pet owners, willing to pay more for the convenience and personal service a veterinary house call can provide. VetLocator’s house call directory is a very popular destination for pet owners, and while we don’t survey owners on why they are seeking a house call, we can say housecalls are getting more popular here. I came across an article in The Hearld News on a house call veterinarian in New York who is doing many things right, for her market.  I suspect … Continue reading

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