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Weigh In: How do you feel about Bayer selling Advantage and Advantix directly to stores?

In case you haven’t heard, Bayer, the maker of Advange and Advantix, has begun selling their prescription chemical flea and tick control products to pet stores. This flies in the face of their former policy, which was in effect for many years, of selling these potent chemical insecticides only through veterinarians. This move by Bayer is even more interesting because of the recent announcement by the EPA that it is receiving reports of increased number of reactions to chemical flea and tick insecticidal products. We’ve put together a short survey about this move by Bayer … Continue reading

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AVMA’s revised policy on what to do when with a rescue that has a microchip

Image via Wikipedia The AVMA has revised their guidelines on their recommendations on what to do when a rescue comes in and is discovered to be microchipped.” The AVMA has revised a policy on electronic identification of animals to clarify what veterinarians should do when a lost animal is found and ownership is not disputed. The amended AVMA policy, “The Objectives and Key Elements Needed for Effective Electronic Identification of Companion Animals, Birds, and Equids,” was approved by the AVMA Executive Board at its April meeting. The State Advocacy Committee and the Council on Veterinary … Continue reading

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Female veterinarians take the lead

Image via Wikipedia Back in 2002 there was a prediction that female veterinarians would outnumber male veterinarians by 2005.  At that time more than 3/4 of the 9,276 veterinary students in the nation were female. And were there more female veterinarians than male veterinarians in 2005 over 2002? Was the prediction correct? According to this article “Female veterinarians in the U.S. now outnumber male veterinarians. The numbers flip-flopped in 2009, according to figures released in March by the American Veterinary Medical Association, which reported that women lead men, 44,802 to 43,196, in the field”. Read … Continue reading

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Heads Up News – Are Veterinarians Over Vaccinating Pets To Run Up Vet Bills?

Image by Getty Images via Daylife In the course of reviewing news items, I come across articles that I know pet owners will soon be reading, and some of them will be heading to the phone to give their vets a call to discuss. I’ll be posting these to the blog under the category “Heads Up News”. Here’s one I came across today: Are Veterinarians Over Vaccinating Pets To Run Up Vet Bills? published in The Connecticut Watchdog that references a Smart Money article on Veterinarians who over vaccinate pets for the money. “SmartMoney is … Continue reading

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