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Charges Filed Against Vet Following Pet Death

Image by Buckeye Beth via Flickr I think one of the toughest things about being a veterinarian or doctor must be having a patient lose their life after a procedure.  It’s upsetting and sometimes pet owners go all out to ‘get’ the veterinarian who last saw their animal.  Sometimes they have a good reason to be upset and sometimes they don’t.  It’s hard to judge when reading about such an incident in the news….. Recently charges were filed against a Florida veterinarian after a woman’s dog died within 72 hours of being treated by him. … Continue reading

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Deadbeat pet owners – even celebrity pets can have them

Image via Wikipedia The headline caught my eye:  Veterinarian calls Mariah Carey a deadbeat dog owner, so of course I just had to read the rest of the story. It seems that Ms. Carey engaged the services of celebrity veterinarian Dr. Cindy Bressler to help with the birth of one of her dogs, Dolomite, including a month-long stay in California for the event. For services delivered to Ms. Carey’s pets between October 31 and December 2, Dr. Bressler billed the singer $37,790.50 of which she’s received $8,231.50. Dr. Bressler is suing Mariah for the balance, … Continue reading

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Give pet owners more knowledge of vet tech responsibilities

Image by Erica_Marshall via Flickr I remember going to the dentist when I was young and I think my dentist took care of all of the work in my mouth. Because my mom was religious about going there twice a year, we got to know each other very well and I kept the same dentist for many years.  When I finally switched, I recall going in for a procedure that my old dentist normally did himself and anticipated the same thing from this new dentist.  I’d made an appointment with THE dentist, but the procedure, … Continue reading

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One of the largest veterinary practice mergers in U.S. history has just taken place

It’s not news to say that all pet health practices have been affected by the economy in one form or another.  And it’s not news to say that if you want to survive and stay in business you either make changes to adapt to the economy or suffer the consequences of not adapting. So it’s interesting to see some of the solutions that have arisen in response to doing business in today’s economy. Here is one solution that caught my attention: the merger of 17 veterinary practices that resulted in the largest practice merger in … Continue reading

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Heads Up News – Are Veterinarians Over Vaccinating Pets To Run Up Vet Bills?

Image by Getty Images via Daylife In the course of reviewing news items, I come across articles that I know pet owners will soon be reading, and some of them will be heading to the phone to give their vets a call to discuss. I’ll be posting these to the blog under the category “Heads Up News”. Here’s one I came across today: Are Veterinarians Over Vaccinating Pets To Run Up Vet Bills? published in The Connecticut Watchdog that references a Smart Money article on Veterinarians who over vaccinate pets for the money. “SmartMoney is … Continue reading

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