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Have people forgotten how to spell or it is something else?

Question for you: Have you noticed that people’s ability to spell words correctly is getting worse? We have.  We’re receiving more emails from pet owners to vets that are full of misspellings, punctuation errors and incomplete sentences, almost on a daily basis. They often look something like this (we received these today): “My grandmother has a chow and he is about 12 he is very difficult to have groomed is there something we can give him to keep him came?  Also he is now walking with a limp and one of legs are hurting him … Continue reading

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Is your business glass 1/2 empty or 1/2 full?

A short time ago I sent out an email titled “Can I ask A favor?” and the question was “What is your single most important question regarding your business?” As you might suspect, the largest response went something like this: “When will the economy bounce back so people have money to spend on their pets?” I wish I had an answer to that question, but, unfortunately I don’t. The truth is the economy is stressing every sector of business today and some businesses are not doing a good job handling the stress.  But if you … Continue reading

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Making it easier for pet owners to afford your services: Financing options can add additional and predictable income to your business

In today’s economy it’s the rare business that can claim to be unaffected by the downturn. Pet owners are part of this and have been reacting accordingly by holding their purse strings a bit tighter.  And even those pet owners who aren’t personally seeing their income shrink ARE being affected by the uncertainty for the future.  There is a LOT of bad news out there anywhere you look. Face it, most people just don’t have the same level of disposable income they once did and most feel hey must be conservative as a hedge against … Continue reading

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Poor website design can be a dealbreaker for potential customers

Image by stevegarfield via Flickr In a recent survey by whose results were presented at the National Association of Women Business Owners 2010 convention, 75% of people surveyed admitted to making judgment about a business based on the businesses website.  And while the survey was directed a business websites in general, veterinary and pet health businesses have sometimes felt they were not as affected by how pretty their website was because their other factors, i.e. proximity and services, were more important than having a website. That was then. This is now. In today’s tougher economic … Continue reading

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One of the largest veterinary practice mergers in U.S. history has just taken place

It’s not news to say that all pet health practices have been affected by the economy in one form or another.  And it’s not news to say that if you want to survive and stay in business you either make changes to adapt to the economy or suffer the consequences of not adapting. So it’s interesting to see some of the solutions that have arisen in response to doing business in today’s economy. Here is one solution that caught my attention: the merger of 17 veterinary practices that resulted in the largest practice merger in … Continue reading

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Negative online reviews tackled

Image via CrunchBase Help I’ve been Yelped! If you’re familiar with the online review site Yelp and the recent controversy that’s arising from the recent lawsuit filed against the company by a Long Beach Veterinarian, our headline makes sense. For those of you not familiar with it, Yelp is the most popular of a new breed of websites that collects reviews of businesses and posts them online for others to review and leave comments on. Online Reviews and the Yelp lawsuit If you’re in business,  it’s a pretty sure guess  you’ve had a disgruntled customer … Continue reading

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