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Veterinary Pet Insurance lists top sources of pet poisoning

Image by ♪_Lisa_♪ via Flickr Every month VPI (Veterinary Pet Insurance and the nation’s largest pet insurer) receives hundreds of poisoning claims for pets who have been poisoned.  They analyzed the claims made for poisoning between 2005 and 2009 and came up with the following list of the most common poisoning claims: 1.  5,131 cases of Accidental Ingestion of Medications (pet or human drugs) 2.  4,028 cases of Mouse & rat poison 3.  3,661 cases of methylxanthine toxicity (consumption of chocolate and caffeine) 4.  2,808 cases of plant poisoning 5.  1,669 cases of household chemical … Continue reading

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Charges Filed Against Vet Following Pet Death

Image by Buckeye Beth via Flickr I think one of the toughest things about being a veterinarian or doctor must be having a patient lose their life after a procedure.  It’s upsetting and sometimes pet owners go all out to ‘get’ the veterinarian who last saw their animal.  Sometimes they have a good reason to be upset and sometimes they don’t.  It’s hard to judge when reading about such an incident in the news….. Recently charges were filed against a Florida veterinarian after a woman’s dog died within 72 hours of being treated by him. … Continue reading

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