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Is your business glass 1/2 empty or 1/2 full?

A short time ago I sent out an email titled “Can I ask A favor?” and the question was “What is your single most important question regarding your business?” As you might suspect, the largest response went something like this: “When will the economy bounce back so people have money to spend on their pets?” I wish I had an answer to that question, but, unfortunately I don’t. The truth is the economy is stressing every sector of business today and some businesses are not doing a good job handling the stress.  But if you … Continue reading

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Premium Listings – the surprising things you can do with them!

Premium Listings.  Whether you have one with us or not, the following information is useful… A  premium listing with is more than just a pretty entry in our directory.  Besides being easy for customers to find you and contact you, did you know that you can use your listing in other ways? Here are just a few of the other uses you can use a premium listing for: Dominate search engine results – Your listing has its own unique address and that gets submitted to Google, Yahoo and Bing and appears in their search … Continue reading

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Veterinarian bill stuns cat owner

While scanning news clips I saw this headline….“Veterinarian bill stuns cat owner”. I thought to myself, “Yes, I’m not surprised.  It must have been a big bill.  I wonder how much it was?” Over the past year I’ve been receiving more comments like this from pet owners who are upset over the prices vets are charging for their services.  Some pet owners write in asking for our help in finding someone who is good but cheap (the old saying of “You want fast, good and cheap?  Choose 2” applies and we tell them that as … Continue reading

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Veterinary supplier lays off 300 and files for bankrupcy

Professional Veterinary Products said that it filed for bankruptcy protection after the recent recession affected its ability to generate profits and because of added competition as some of its supplies launched their own direct sales efforts. The company plans to plans to close down and sell all of its assets by October 11, 2010.

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Poor website design can be a dealbreaker for potential customers

Image by stevegarfield via Flickr In a recent survey by whose results were presented at the National Association of Women Business Owners 2010 convention, 75% of people surveyed admitted to making judgment about a business based on the businesses website.  And while the survey was directed a business websites in general, veterinary and pet health businesses have sometimes felt they were not as affected by how pretty their website was because their other factors, i.e. proximity and services, were more important than having a website. That was then. This is now. In today’s tougher economic … Continue reading

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Charges Filed Against Vet Following Pet Death

Image by Buckeye Beth via Flickr I think one of the toughest things about being a veterinarian or doctor must be having a patient lose their life after a procedure.  It’s upsetting and sometimes pet owners go all out to ‘get’ the veterinarian who last saw their animal.  Sometimes they have a good reason to be upset and sometimes they don’t.  It’s hard to judge when reading about such an incident in the news….. Recently charges were filed against a Florida veterinarian after a woman’s dog died within 72 hours of being treated by him. … Continue reading

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Emergency Animal Clinic Case Study

Image via Wikipedia Here’s another example of how today’s economy is affecting business for some pet health care providers. Animal Emergency Clinic in Lafayette, IN recently announced Purdue University has bought them out. Here are some news articles that discuss this and the last is a post from one of the veterinarian’s wife who was affected by the buy out: Purdue buys out emergency animal clinic For about 10 years, the Animal Emergency Clinic in Lafayette’s Eastway Plaza has provided emergency care for pets on nights and weekends when regular veterinary offices are closed. Read … Continue reading

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